Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am absolutely smitten!
I created a piece of art today and I actually love it!
Not sure how long the love affair will last but for now,
I am super puffy heart, head over heels smitten with the piece.

It started as a vision.
Laying in bed, this image came to mind.
It clicked in my brain with an energy that said,
"I can do that. I must do that."

I have never had a vision of art.
Normally, I sit down and play and wonder where the inspiration is.
How is the process supposed to work?
Is it different for everyone?

This piece stuck with me.
It waited two days while I gathered supplies.
While I searched for the proper tools.

My mind worked and tweaked it slightly.
There was no worry if it would look exactly right.
There was no stress.
No Gertrude.
Just excitement.

I worked on the piece all day today.
It waited for me to be ready,
therefore it deserved my attention all day.

Oh joy of joys.
It's done!
And I love it!

Thank You
to all of you
who showered me
with support and love
after this post.

You validated the importance to
keep on keepin' on
even when faced with our worst critics.
(ahem.... Gertrude! I'm talking about you!)

Here it is.
I call it Torn.

Monday, June 27, 2011

What A Weekend!!!!

I had a whirlwind weekend
full of

There were
quiet moments
great conversation
and love.

I was trying to capture a moment to share
 but it seemed an impossible task.
 The weekend sits in me as a
discombobulated flurry of good feelings
and I would rather like to keep it that way.

Rather than explain,
I will share a glimpse.

Pardon the picture quality.
My P&S (or should I say POS) camera
is very temperamental lately. Grrrr!

This lovely old building...

 housed this lovely art show...

with lovely live music!...

A visit to my friend's flip home almost ready for market.

Yay Crimestoppers!!! Thank you for hosting an electronics recycle!!!!!

 Oh yeah!!! Junk shopping.

How cool is this bike?!!!!

Aaaaaahhhh books!!!!


...and fireworks!!!

Little friend's birthday. He LOVED the cape & mask I bought him!!!

 Cactus LOVE!

I hope you had an amazing weekend as well.
Care to share???

Friday, June 24, 2011

Who The Hell Do I Think I Am?

Perfectionism is a disease.
Not that I'm perfect.
Far from it.

Yet it halts me in my tracks.
Stops me like a deer in headlights.
That damned fear I have of judgment.

Remember Gertrude (my inner critic)?
You can find her

She and I have been going at it lately.
This time has been different.
I've been kicking her butt!

I was walking out of the vet's office the other day.
I walked into an invisible wall of awareness.
Hit me smack dab in the face.
Stopped me in my tracks.

Gertrude puts all these doubts in my head.
She makes me feel like I can't do what I want.
She shoves fear in my face.
On occasion she has even tripped me.
Seeing how Gertrude is a part of me,
the Awareness Wall made me realize it is ME who is stopping me.
I'm the only one in my way.
I'm the one with the excuses.
I'm the one who lets her get away with her evil plans to hold me back.

I want to write.
I want to take pictures.
I want to do encaustics.
I want to make money.
I want to move.
I want to live.

Everything on that list is do-able.
The Encaustic thing.
Fell in love with it years ago.
I don't make any because what I make looks and feels like shit to me.
Yesterday I was thinking...
Who the hell do I think I am?
Why do I expect perfection out myself?
Especially in the beginning?
Who do I think I am that I expect a masterpiece when I pick up a brush?
Everyone has to start somewhere.
I need to practice to get better.
I'm no Picasso.
Never will be.
Even he has critics.
My pieces are sloppy, immature, willy nilly.

That's OKAY!!!
I'm finding my voice.
Years ago I made some pieces and stopped.
A year later I made some more, hated them and stopped.
I haven't created in a long time so I sat down yesterday to create.
Not good.
Guess what????
I'm not stopping!
I'm going to play and learn.
That's how kids get started.
They don't judge their work.
They create.
They grow with each creation.
They play fearlessly.

I watch my children create
and fall in love with every piece.
Observation of their process is such a liberating event.
Play, enjoy, create.
For the sake of playing, enjoyment and creation.

I am going to step back into the process of learning encaustic.
It's okay if I don't create masterpieces.
I am new to the process and self-taught.
I am a kindergartener.
Just starting out.

Play, enjoy, create.

To Gertrude: You can come play with me but only if you play nice!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hug Bug

In our house van
we are active participants of the game of Slug Bug.
I'm sure you know the game.
Any time you see a Volkswagon Bug
it is a free-for-all punch fest
to see who can nail who the quickest.

Many moms may consider this game too violent,
even brutal, perhaps.
Since I am Slug Bug champ, to declare the game off limits
would be like telling the Packers they can never play football again
now that they have their trophy.
Not happening!
To be a decent mommy, I have applied rules to the game.
(my teenager and husband have failed this rule
on numerous occasions and I have the bruises to prove it!)
Light tapping is the acceptable amount of slug.

Only Bugs count. No PT Cruisers (they're wannabes)
No Jettas, Golfs or Tourages
A bug is a bug is a bug is a bug.
The rest are cheap cheats

One punch per bug.
C'mon!!! Common sense people!
p.s. refer back to rule #1

What's with this new generation of kids?
Slug backs?!!!
Speaking of new generation...
you must PROVE your slug bug.
You must be able to point in the general direction and state color
so the slug victim has proof that he deserved to be slugged.
None of this "I swear I saw one." BS
(this rule comes from bus tales of the boys punching the crap
out of each other using Slug Bug for an excuse - all in fun of course.
But still. Have a little respect for the game people!!!!)

If a passenger does not wish to play
they simply state "Not playing." upon entering the vehicle.
That being said, if you state "Not playing." that means 
You cannot randomly turn on and off your choice
according to who is seeing the bugs.
If you are not playing and you see a bug,
you must remain in a seated position with your hands to your sides
and fists OFF YOUR BROTHERS!!!

I have three boys and a husband. Can you tell?
I also have a Little Lady.
Little Lady plays on occasion.
She knows Mommy would NEVER punch hard.
It would make her (and mommy) cry.
Mommy plays Slug Bug but plays it more like Love Tap bug.
Unlike The Brothers.

After a recent drive through town
(I swear we live in Volkswagon Capital Of The World)
and a hearty game of Slug Bug,
Little Lady came up with her own version.

She sweetly stated, "Mommy, wouldn't it be great if everyone played Hug Bug
instead of Slug Bug? That would be nice, wouldn't it?"

Heart melting.
I know.

I have to admit. For all the enjoyment I get out of a competitive game of Slug Bug,
the world would be a much better place playing by Little Lady's rules.

From now on
for every Bug I see
it will be Hug Bug for me.

(artwork courtesy of Little Lady - you can find more here)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cheese or Chocolate

 Cheese is... well.... cheesy. Sometimes stinky. Hard to digest. You can also use the words "fun" and "yum" to describe it but that doesn't take the cheesy-ness away.
Chocolate is rich, sweet, satisfying and dare I say... Love? It is creamy and dreamy. It is good.

I was in the shower yesterday. Words started flowing out onto the shower wall. Yes. You heard me right. Flowing out onto the shower wall. I keep tub crayons in my shower. Not because I am a baby. Because that's where all my bloody brilliancy brews. The shower stall. Hot water penetrating the crown chakra. The only place the kids can't get to me (for the most part). The only source of alone time for this mama. That's where my lists are produced. My brilliant world domination plans are plotted. My books start (although they always seem to stop when I open the door so I have a lot of book starting paragraphs but no books produced yet).

Now I'm rambling. Back to the point. So, I was in the shower yesterday and these words started. Once they started, they just kept flowing. I'm not quite sure where they came from or where they intended to go but I was running out of shower wall and they started to bleed down the drain so I thought I would spew them out here as well. Give them a more permanent place in this universe.

Okay, I'm really putting myself out there with this one. I'm not sure if it is cheese or chocolate. You decide. (holding breath... holding... holding.... forget it! A girl's gotta breathe!)

Shower Ramblings

There was a little lady
who wrote a little song.
With that little song,
 it didn't take her long. 

Not long at all
for her to fall
into the hearts of many
for her song offered plenty

for the souls in need
of being heard and seen.
The song spoke loud.
Made them feel proud.
It's a simple song
anyone can sing.
Sung from the heart
you can hear it ring.

Over and over
the words repeat
simple and straight
with an easy beat.

Put your hand to your heart.
That's where the beat is found.
Now reach deep to your soul.
That is the sound.

The sound of peace
of love and light.
A gentle sound
which starts the song right.

Mix the sound of peace
with the beat of your heart.
Add the words below.
Little Lady's song is art.

~song lyrics~

you are beautiful
heart, soul, mind
what happened in the past
leave far behind

the judgement of others
is their pain showing through
teach them to love
don't let them affect you

miracle of creation
chose you as you are
embrace yourself
you are a gift from afar

share your uniqueness with the world
let them hear you roar
free yourself
only then will you soar

you are amazing
I thank God above
sharing you with the world
an act of love




Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life Sure Has Changed

The family and I
pulled out the game of Life last night.
sure has changed.
Did you know you can get a Spanish, pc, and even iPod touch version?
No more working through life the hard way.
Just plug and play baby! 
Plug and play.

 We all saddle up to the board and get our choice of 'career' or 'education'.
Just like today's economy, the kids choose to go to work right away and start
rolling in the dough. I choose to be educated and end up
unable to find a decent job after all my hard work and student loans.

Second Born says, "Mom, this game is ridiculous. It only gives you two options.
School and career. There's so much more out there."
Third Born says, "Yeah. And how come you HAVE to get married?"

Speaking of marriage, when Third Born arrives at 'get married', Second Born says,
"Do you want to marry a girl, or a boy?"
When his younger brother said, "Girl."
Second responded with, "Just checkin'".

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Of course some things haven't changed.
There was an awful lot of whining about paying taxes.
They fought hard to keep up with the Joneses
(whom I believe already reside at Millionare Acres).

Life was taken waaaay too seriously
and I was the broke peace keeper the whole game!

Gotta love it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

What A Weekend!

A list of
from the weekend.

My rummage sale RoCkEd!
Earned enough to pay a bill.  ;0)

Found this awesome jewelry here.
I'll take one of each please!

You can find out more about this diverse and creative soul here.
(pictures c/o Mr. Lentz - the artist)

Spontaneity is awesome.
Lit off some small fireworks with the kids.
No pics included as I was living fully in the moment.
We were by the road enjoying our little show smiling and laughing.
A car drives by. He honks and joins in the celebration.
It was a small show of small fireworks.
I adore happy, spontaneous, fun people.
The happy honking lit my heart and made me giddy.
Thank you Happy Honker for joining in the celebration!
Yeah, I'm weird like that.  ;0)

Father's Day.
Father's Day was awesome.
My husband is such a great dad.
He is so good to his family.
I love celebrating that!

Double sweet.
Celebrating Father's Day with my StepDad.
He is two years into living with stage four terminal lung cancer.
The pills he is taking are little daily miracles.
I am so thankful that he is still here with us.
Having him as a father has enriched my life more than I can describe.

Tadpoles turning to tiny frogs.
and sweet!

Yes YOU have made my weekend Awesomeness list.
Thank you for your prayers for my son.
After a week of pain and a lot of lost weight,
he is doing awesome!

You guys are awesome and I am thankful.
For your readership, for your friendships, for you.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What We're Reading...

Farley is pictured here reading his favorite comic.
 Go figure!
Garfield is a favorite in our house.
Can you guess why?  ;p

What the rest of the house is reading...

Darling Daughter
Fancy Nancy - Jane O'Connor

C-man (10 y/o)
Ranger's Apprentice (series) - John Flanagan
The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein  (family favorite)

The Bryster
Scorpia Rising (last book in series)- Anthony Horowitz

The Teenager
A Walk In The Woods - Bill Bryson
(taken from Mom's bookshelf & highly recommended) 

Man's Search For Meaning - Viktor E. Frankl (hugs John)

What is your family reading?

p.s. thank you for all of your kind thoughts and prayers. Second born is feeling better and was happy to hear so many were caring for him. He has a ways to go but is certainly getting there!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Miss you guys.
Miss this space.
Been MIA and must remain so.
My son is on day five of pain & suffering.
He needs me.
I need to be with him.
Prayers appreciated.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

When Life Hands You Lemons...

So many options. 
What to do...
what to do?

I could get some sugar and make lemonade.
I could cut 'em open and suck the sour juice laughing at the sourpuss face it produces.
I could zest them and make a lemon zest cake.
Share with a neighbor for some neighborly tea with lemon.
A sharpie marker could be used to make an adorable lemon mouse.
Or I could throw 'em on the floor and stomp all over those sour little f#*!@#$.

I'm sticking them in the fruit bowl and walking away.
I'm not in the mood for lemons.
Maybe another day.

Life's been handing me lemons on a fairly regular basis lately.
I fear it may turn me into a sour puss!
Anyone want to trade for a peach?
I could use a peachy, lemon free day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wascally Wabbit

A garden saga.

This is my little garden.
I installed a fence due to critter chomping issues.

Went out to water this early morn when
lo and behold
a wee little bunny popped out of the fence.

This is what my blessed beans look like.
All chewed off.

 What's the matter picky bunny?
Snow peas not your thing?

 How about some blasted pepper plant,
you naughty little fella?

No sooner did I start watering when
in roll some thunder clouds.
Double Drat!
Murphy's Law plagues my life!

I stand.
How many more plants and seeds do I want to keep replacing?
This is not the first time I have had this happen.
Oh no.
Not at all.
Replenishing my barren plots is taking a toll on my wallet.
So much for gardening saving on food bills!

So I stand and contemplate.
What would keep the rabbits out?
Why did the fence not work?
Should I plant something different?
Should I abandon the garden altogether?

I turn around to walk back to the house.
Guess who was watching me as I stood contemplating?
You guessed it.
 That Wascally Wabbit.

She is in my daughter's fairy garden below the swingset.
Darling daughter is thrilled that there is a mama and baby living in her garden.
They bask and roll and rest (and obviously watch).
Baby had jumped away by the time I retrieved my camera
but it was quite the surprise to turn around and see two bunnies watching me
try to figure out how to keep them out!!!
Wonder what they were thinking?
Probably something on the lines of, "Silly lady! You can't keep us out!"

My newest ammo after some google research.

Off to the garden store I go.
I need me some plants and seeds!

(My backup plan is to strip my furry four legged friends of their fur to spread around the beds. Any other suggestions? Keep in mind we are a violence free household.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flowers For A Friend

A very dear friend lots her baby due to complications during childbirth yesterday.
There truly are no words to express just how sorry I am for their loss.
All I can do is pray.
I pray that she is able to pick up the pieces of her broken heart
and use the strands of love that are pouring in from across the globe
to begin to mend it.
I pray that her husband's heart understand
that for however brief, he was blessed with a beautiful son
who will now be watching over them as a beautiful angel.
I pray that their young daughter be wrapped in childhood magic during this difficult time
dancing with fairies and sprites, cuddling with blankets and teddies,
soaking up rainbows and butterflies
to ease the sadness that surrounds her
and she herself is feeling.

Tears are God’s gift to us. Our holy water. They heal us as they flow. ~Rita Schiano

Monday, June 6, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Weekend in pictures.

Thursday's find.
Found this basket full of beautiful threads and yarns
with bonus blue ball jar for $1.50!!!!

More Treasure
 Does anyone have a clue what this is?
It's some kind of loom (I believe).
I have a strong feeling I know what to do with it.
When I weave a gorgeous blanket I will share the results.
Fun find for only $0.75

I'm a sucker for cute.
These vintage looking hangers will be perfect for my daughter's room.
I paid a mere $0.25 each!

 I love old signs etc... 
Right now I keep my growing collection in the garage.
Some day I hope to adorn my potting shed and greenhouse with them.
This old grape crate end was only $0.25
complete with crooked nails sticking out the ends. ha!

My ultimate favorite find this weekend.
I adore old cameras!!!!
Aren't these just grand?
I paid $5.00 for the pair!
I'm swooning over here.

Nature Treasure
  My chives are in bloom.
They are so wonderful!
I love the purple and green together.
Nature's color pallettes.
Always magnificent.

Hubby made me an herb planter.
Isn't it fun?!?!?

Two nests.
Two tries.
Two failed attempts.
The birds were nesting like crazy around here this spring.
In the trees and in the bird houses.
For some reason, the majority of attempts were failures.

 Hubby carved me this bird house out of cedar.
A chickadee claimed it within a day of hanging.
They build their nest with moss.
If you peek up underneath you can see the vibrant green moss peeking out of the floor boards.
I was lying on my back for these next two pictures.
Trying to get a bird's eye view.  ;)
One with the chive blossoms in focus, the other contrasting with the house in focus.

Here is Lennon watching me from inside the house
wondering what the freak is doing rolling around on the ground outside!

 This morning's sunrise.
Hope you had a fun filled weekend.
Are you keeping your eyes open to all the treasure in the world?
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