Thursday, June 9, 2011

When Life Hands You Lemons...

So many options. 
What to do...
what to do?

I could get some sugar and make lemonade.
I could cut 'em open and suck the sour juice laughing at the sourpuss face it produces.
I could zest them and make a lemon zest cake.
Share with a neighbor for some neighborly tea with lemon.
A sharpie marker could be used to make an adorable lemon mouse.
Or I could throw 'em on the floor and stomp all over those sour little f#*!@#$.

I'm sticking them in the fruit bowl and walking away.
I'm not in the mood for lemons.
Maybe another day.

Life's been handing me lemons on a fairly regular basis lately.
I fear it may turn me into a sour puss!
Anyone want to trade for a peach?
I could use a peachy, lemon free day.


Karen Wallace said...

Not sure what is going on in life, but here is a basket of juicy apples, a few ripe bananas, a melon and some sweet blue berries. Hugs Karen

John said...

Oh dear Lynn.....

Yet those lemons look lovely. We have a lemon tree, I've used them a few times but only to squeeze over fish....
But when life hands you lemons, well just "squeeze" them till they pop, then you'll maybe feel a bit peachy? :)

Elena said...

Let's grind them lemons! Well maybe not the ones in the pick...they look yummy. Great post. Sending you huge hugs for what you face and your comforting words to my email/post. And yes, let me take a look at Mama's schedule and let's run away.

rachel awes said...

i offer you
& mango
all in a

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