Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Overachiever

I purchase my eggs from local farmers.
Yesterday I made scrambled eggs for the kids.
This is what I pulled from the carton.

The comedian in me started laughing and thought,
"Wow! Looks like we have an overachiever in the coop!"

The philosopher in me thought,
"Nature at its best is perfectly imperfect. We should accept ourselves the same."

Today I say to you, "Go live your life and live it loud. Don't try to be perfect,
just be. And if you push real hard, you just might achieve greatness!"

Egg humor wrapped in wisdom especially for you.



John said...

Great post and oh so true. There is perfection inimperfection.

beth said...

a perfect dose of wisdom for all of us !!!!

lilabraga said...

what a great gift you just have given me girl!
I needed these words soooo much!


Inspirational words to start my day. And...whoa! That is a giant egg.

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