Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life Sure Has Changed

The family and I
pulled out the game of Life last night.
sure has changed.
Did you know you can get a Spanish, pc, and even iPod touch version?
No more working through life the hard way.
Just plug and play baby! 
Plug and play.

 We all saddle up to the board and get our choice of 'career' or 'education'.
Just like today's economy, the kids choose to go to work right away and start
rolling in the dough. I choose to be educated and end up
unable to find a decent job after all my hard work and student loans.

Second Born says, "Mom, this game is ridiculous. It only gives you two options.
School and career. There's so much more out there."
Third Born says, "Yeah. And how come you HAVE to get married?"

Speaking of marriage, when Third Born arrives at 'get married', Second Born says,
"Do you want to marry a girl, or a boy?"
When his younger brother said, "Girl."
Second responded with, "Just checkin'".

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Of course some things haven't changed.
There was an awful lot of whining about paying taxes.
They fought hard to keep up with the Joneses
(whom I believe already reside at Millionare Acres).

Life was taken waaaay too seriously
and I was the broke peace keeper the whole game!

Gotta love it!


John said...

Sounds very educational but in a fun way.

Jess said...

This post is so so funny, but such a great commentary on how our world has changed.

I bet you guys just laughed and laughed!

laruelapalooza said...

We have that exact Life game too. I was never a real fan of the game (my kids take it way too seriously too). But I've noticed that while the game has changed visually it still propagates those 1950's values! You really can't get a good job without education these days even though it's still no guarantee! Hmmm...maybe the game of Life could use some home rules!

julochka said...

that game board doesn't even look familiar! scary!

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