Thursday, June 2, 2011

Super Mom

Went to the farm the other day.
Saw this frog with all those babies.
Thought it was a good representation of the way I've been feeling.

Hubby's been sick and not participating in the family unit.
That leaves me solely responsible EVERYTHING!
Including playing nurse lady to hubby.

Life's been handing me a lot of challenges.
I feel like this frog.
So much responsibility surrounding me.

For some reason, when I hit a point of "too much"
my creative, sarcastic, comedic side kicks in.
I was thinking I should make myself a satin cape.
I could put a big "S" and "M" on the back for 
Heck! If I made it pretty enough, perhaps other moms would want one.
It would make a great gift. 
I could start a Super Mom cape business!
Then the reality of a bunch of mom's running around with
an "S" and an "M' on their backs kicked in.
Yeah. We might be taken the wrong way.
ha ha ha ha!!!
Get it?
ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Okay. Maybe it's just me.
I thank God for my quirky, immature side.
Sometimes it's the only thing that gets me through!
Although those are the same traits that cause some to run from me far and fast!

What about you?
What gets you through?


John said...

Humor is a great gift and often underestimated. Wonderful post, just you be your quirky self! :)

Elena said...

What gets me through? People like you who in the face of adversity still stay true to the love and light in your soul. You rock dear sweet friend. Awesome post and awesome photo!

lilabraga said...

my faith in never fails! ;)
love the post today...really love it!

beth said...

i like your quirky side !

and those tad poles....oh my gosh, did you bring some inside ?

we used to as kids, bring in a bucket full and put some in an aquarium with water and mounds of dirt and every year we ended up with at least one or two frogs that were our pets until it was time to let them go back into the wild :)

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