Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hug Bug

In our house van
we are active participants of the game of Slug Bug.
I'm sure you know the game.
Any time you see a Volkswagon Bug
it is a free-for-all punch fest
to see who can nail who the quickest.

Many moms may consider this game too violent,
even brutal, perhaps.
Since I am Slug Bug champ, to declare the game off limits
would be like telling the Packers they can never play football again
now that they have their trophy.
Not happening!
To be a decent mommy, I have applied rules to the game.
(my teenager and husband have failed this rule
on numerous occasions and I have the bruises to prove it!)
Light tapping is the acceptable amount of slug.

Only Bugs count. No PT Cruisers (they're wannabes)
No Jettas, Golfs or Tourages
A bug is a bug is a bug is a bug.
The rest are cheap cheats

One punch per bug.
C'mon!!! Common sense people!
p.s. refer back to rule #1

What's with this new generation of kids?
Slug backs?!!!
Speaking of new generation...
you must PROVE your slug bug.
You must be able to point in the general direction and state color
so the slug victim has proof that he deserved to be slugged.
None of this "I swear I saw one." BS
(this rule comes from bus tales of the boys punching the crap
out of each other using Slug Bug for an excuse - all in fun of course.
But still. Have a little respect for the game people!!!!)

If a passenger does not wish to play
they simply state "Not playing." upon entering the vehicle.
That being said, if you state "Not playing." that means 
You cannot randomly turn on and off your choice
according to who is seeing the bugs.
If you are not playing and you see a bug,
you must remain in a seated position with your hands to your sides
and fists OFF YOUR BROTHERS!!!

I have three boys and a husband. Can you tell?
I also have a Little Lady.
Little Lady plays on occasion.
She knows Mommy would NEVER punch hard.
It would make her (and mommy) cry.
Mommy plays Slug Bug but plays it more like Love Tap bug.
Unlike The Brothers.

After a recent drive through town
(I swear we live in Volkswagon Capital Of The World)
and a hearty game of Slug Bug,
Little Lady came up with her own version.

She sweetly stated, "Mommy, wouldn't it be great if everyone played Hug Bug
instead of Slug Bug? That would be nice, wouldn't it?"

Heart melting.
I know.

I have to admit. For all the enjoyment I get out of a competitive game of Slug Bug,
the world would be a much better place playing by Little Lady's rules.

From now on
for every Bug I see
it will be Hug Bug for me.

(artwork courtesy of Little Lady - you can find more here)


julochka said...

we have a game here in denmark called "gul bil" - "yellow car" wherein you must touch the other person while saying "yellow car." no slugging. except if the yellow car is a slug bug, then you can slug. but you're right, it should be hug. tho 'that would be hard while you were driving.

nacherluver said...

"gul bil".... I will have to incorporate that! Now that I have lost my precious game of Slug Bug. Plus, I will have the added advantage of being the only one to "get" the game! I'll share the rules... eventually! Buah ha haha!
Perhaps we could save up all the hugs until the end of the ride? Wouldn't that be a hoot! Everyone reaches their destination, steps out of their vehicle and holds a hug fest wherever they have arrived. That would be a wonderful sight to see across the lands!

Anonymous said...

oh i like the VW bugs. they are sweet i think.

Elena said...

Tell LIttle Lady I LOVE her hug bug art. Loved this post!

John said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm, I wished I had heard of this game years ago..... Although my boys sadly didn´t need a bug to play the game.

Good one Madelynn.

Karen Wallace said...

LOVE this post. Hugs Karen

Nancy C said...

That pic is sweet and awesome. I love it.

As the mother of two boys, I understand your life. Anything involving mayhem and random acts of violence is big around here.

And yes, slug-backs are ludicrous.

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