Monday, June 6, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Weekend in pictures.

Thursday's find.
Found this basket full of beautiful threads and yarns
with bonus blue ball jar for $1.50!!!!

More Treasure
 Does anyone have a clue what this is?
It's some kind of loom (I believe).
I have a strong feeling I know what to do with it.
When I weave a gorgeous blanket I will share the results.
Fun find for only $0.75

I'm a sucker for cute.
These vintage looking hangers will be perfect for my daughter's room.
I paid a mere $0.25 each!

 I love old signs etc... 
Right now I keep my growing collection in the garage.
Some day I hope to adorn my potting shed and greenhouse with them.
This old grape crate end was only $0.25
complete with crooked nails sticking out the ends. ha!

My ultimate favorite find this weekend.
I adore old cameras!!!!
Aren't these just grand?
I paid $5.00 for the pair!
I'm swooning over here.

Nature Treasure
  My chives are in bloom.
They are so wonderful!
I love the purple and green together.
Nature's color pallettes.
Always magnificent.

Hubby made me an herb planter.
Isn't it fun?!?!?

Two nests.
Two tries.
Two failed attempts.
The birds were nesting like crazy around here this spring.
In the trees and in the bird houses.
For some reason, the majority of attempts were failures.

 Hubby carved me this bird house out of cedar.
A chickadee claimed it within a day of hanging.
They build their nest with moss.
If you peek up underneath you can see the vibrant green moss peeking out of the floor boards.
I was lying on my back for these next two pictures.
Trying to get a bird's eye view.  ;)
One with the chive blossoms in focus, the other contrasting with the house in focus.

Here is Lennon watching me from inside the house
wondering what the freak is doing rolling around on the ground outside!

 This morning's sunrise.
Hope you had a fun filled weekend.
Are you keeping your eyes open to all the treasure in the world?


John said...

You are the consumate collector. Great photographs and what vibrant colors.

G-Pride Farm said...

Your mystery item is a knitting loom. Old home made or first out ones with nails to hold yarn. I got into loom knitting this past winter to pass the cold long days. I am hooked on making things when I have the time. Right now, mine are put up for the summer. Love your herb garden. My chives did their blooming, and I picked them off and now harvesting and cooking with them. Love the pictures and finds.

beth said...

you had a great weekend !
when i come to see you, i'll bring my old camera and we'll play. i'll show you some tricks if you don't already know them :)

Caroline said...

What a weekend! OMG...those cameras...they are fab! Yep...keeping my eyes open.

julochka said...

love your kittle bird house! and even failed nests are quite fetching.

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