Monday, June 20, 2011

What A Weekend!

A list of
from the weekend.

My rummage sale RoCkEd!
Earned enough to pay a bill.  ;0)

Found this awesome jewelry here.
I'll take one of each please!

You can find out more about this diverse and creative soul here.
(pictures c/o Mr. Lentz - the artist)

Spontaneity is awesome.
Lit off some small fireworks with the kids.
No pics included as I was living fully in the moment.
We were by the road enjoying our little show smiling and laughing.
A car drives by. He honks and joins in the celebration.
It was a small show of small fireworks.
I adore happy, spontaneous, fun people.
The happy honking lit my heart and made me giddy.
Thank you Happy Honker for joining in the celebration!
Yeah, I'm weird like that.  ;0)

Father's Day.
Father's Day was awesome.
My husband is such a great dad.
He is so good to his family.
I love celebrating that!

Double sweet.
Celebrating Father's Day with my StepDad.
He is two years into living with stage four terminal lung cancer.
The pills he is taking are little daily miracles.
I am so thankful that he is still here with us.
Having him as a father has enriched my life more than I can describe.

Tadpoles turning to tiny frogs.
and sweet!

Yes YOU have made my weekend Awesomeness list.
Thank you for your prayers for my son.
After a week of pain and a lot of lost weight,
he is doing awesome!

You guys are awesome and I am thankful.
For your readership, for your friendships, for you.



John said...

Now this is the type of post I like to read. Great that Bryce is feeling better, and I´ve now seen Butch tha man about whom I seem to know so well. Happy Father´s day was happy family´s day, wonderful!

beth said...

sounds like a perfect weekend all around.....

Jess said...

What a heaping load of random awesomeness right here. :D

Not only is that earthy jewelry just amazing... I'm just blown away by Mr. Lentz's website. Wow. Incredible.

So glad you son is feeling better. My oldest had a high fever for two looooong weeks (about a year ago). It was such a helpless feeling.

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