Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Play Date

A friend and I have play dates.
Creative play dates.
We visit art shows, fiber fares, shop handmade.
Last weekend we had a create date.

I met her at her house and we pulled out some paints and played.
I'm not a painter.
Never used acrylics before.
She handed over a giant canvas (gulp!)
and told me to paint.

It was intimidating.
Gertrude (my inner critic) must have been hiding in the back seat on the way over
because she came out of nowhere and started razzing me.

The music went on, paints were mixed and played with,
I shushed Gertrude and painted.

I know it's no masterpiece and I don't claim to be able to paint
(I love encaustics, mixed media, collage because it's so forgiving).
I did not finish it there as I ran out of time,
but when I stepped back to look at what I had done,
I was pretty darned proud of myself!

I brought my daffodil home and propped it up on the dresser.
When I woke the next morning to see my sunny flower beaming at me
it made me smile.

Take THAT Gertrude!

I challenge you to embrace this day with creative energy.
Kick your critic to the curb.
Write, cook, paint.
Do something creative.
Tap into your inner child and play.


beth said...

well holy crap....gertrude is hugely talented !!
that is fantastic !!! !!!

did you ever think about covering the whole thing in wax since you love encaustics ?....can you imagine the work involved in that....and the amount of wax needed....but how cool :)

John said...

Wow, all that hidden talent just waiting to be discovered and encouraged. Great painting.


Wowza! That is amazing!

Caroline said...

OMG!!! Awesome :) And how fun to have adult play dates. I bet you felt so energized after! Bravo!

Elena said...

Well, well, well....look at what has been hiding behind Gertrude. Great job...not too many could say they painted so well on a large canvas for the first time. Love your creative friend for inspiring you to move ahead. By the way, I LOVE the term light tadpole. Awesome opposites in Spring day 1 and 2 and HUGE CONGRATS to hubby for selling the really cute gnome. I'm still salivating over the eagle and wishing I had the funds.

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