Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flowers For A Friend

A very dear friend lots her baby due to complications during childbirth yesterday.
There truly are no words to express just how sorry I am for their loss.
All I can do is pray.
I pray that she is able to pick up the pieces of her broken heart
and use the strands of love that are pouring in from across the globe
to begin to mend it.
I pray that her husband's heart understand
that for however brief, he was blessed with a beautiful son
who will now be watching over them as a beautiful angel.
I pray that their young daughter be wrapped in childhood magic during this difficult time
dancing with fairies and sprites, cuddling with blankets and teddies,
soaking up rainbows and butterflies
to ease the sadness that surrounds her
and she herself is feeling.

Tears are God’s gift to us. Our holy water. They heal us as they flow. ~Rita Schiano


John said...

How sad and what beautiful words. It is always good to have dear friends in your corner when grief strikes.

beth said...

so sad.....some extra prayers are being sent to that family right now....

Karen Wallace said...

It is so good this this family has you caring for them. Hugs Karen

Elena said...

Beautiful post.

G-Pride Farm said...

God Bless your friends family. Prayers they heal and realize that baby watches from the heavens, and will await the years til they are together again, cuddled in God's arms.

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