Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cheese or Chocolate

 Cheese is... well.... cheesy. Sometimes stinky. Hard to digest. You can also use the words "fun" and "yum" to describe it but that doesn't take the cheesy-ness away.
Chocolate is rich, sweet, satisfying and dare I say... Love? It is creamy and dreamy. It is good.

I was in the shower yesterday. Words started flowing out onto the shower wall. Yes. You heard me right. Flowing out onto the shower wall. I keep tub crayons in my shower. Not because I am a baby. Because that's where all my bloody brilliancy brews. The shower stall. Hot water penetrating the crown chakra. The only place the kids can't get to me (for the most part). The only source of alone time for this mama. That's where my lists are produced. My brilliant world domination plans are plotted. My books start (although they always seem to stop when I open the door so I have a lot of book starting paragraphs but no books produced yet).

Now I'm rambling. Back to the point. So, I was in the shower yesterday and these words started. Once they started, they just kept flowing. I'm not quite sure where they came from or where they intended to go but I was running out of shower wall and they started to bleed down the drain so I thought I would spew them out here as well. Give them a more permanent place in this universe.

Okay, I'm really putting myself out there with this one. I'm not sure if it is cheese or chocolate. You decide. (holding breath... holding... holding.... forget it! A girl's gotta breathe!)

Shower Ramblings

There was a little lady
who wrote a little song.
With that little song,
 it didn't take her long. 

Not long at all
for her to fall
into the hearts of many
for her song offered plenty

for the souls in need
of being heard and seen.
The song spoke loud.
Made them feel proud.
It's a simple song
anyone can sing.
Sung from the heart
you can hear it ring.

Over and over
the words repeat
simple and straight
with an easy beat.

Put your hand to your heart.
That's where the beat is found.
Now reach deep to your soul.
That is the sound.

The sound of peace
of love and light.
A gentle sound
which starts the song right.

Mix the sound of peace
with the beat of your heart.
Add the words below.
Little Lady's song is art.

~song lyrics~

you are beautiful
heart, soul, mind
what happened in the past
leave far behind

the judgement of others
is their pain showing through
teach them to love
don't let them affect you

miracle of creation
chose you as you are
embrace yourself
you are a gift from afar

share your uniqueness with the world
let them hear you roar
free yourself
only then will you soar

you are amazing
I thank God above
sharing you with the world
an act of love





John said...

Wow, sing on Maestro, I like it on every level.

laruelapalooza said...

Chocolate, definitely chocolate. :)

Anonymous said...


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