Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am absolutely smitten!
I created a piece of art today and I actually love it!
Not sure how long the love affair will last but for now,
I am super puffy heart, head over heels smitten with the piece.

It started as a vision.
Laying in bed, this image came to mind.
It clicked in my brain with an energy that said,
"I can do that. I must do that."

I have never had a vision of art.
Normally, I sit down and play and wonder where the inspiration is.
How is the process supposed to work?
Is it different for everyone?

This piece stuck with me.
It waited two days while I gathered supplies.
While I searched for the proper tools.

My mind worked and tweaked it slightly.
There was no worry if it would look exactly right.
There was no stress.
No Gertrude.
Just excitement.

I worked on the piece all day today.
It waited for me to be ready,
therefore it deserved my attention all day.

Oh joy of joys.
It's done!
And I love it!

Thank You
to all of you
who showered me
with support and love
after this post.

You validated the importance to
keep on keepin' on
even when faced with our worst critics.
(ahem.... Gertrude! I'm talking about you!)

Here it is.
I call it Torn.


Elena said...

I love this. I love the bubbles in the piece too. But mostly I love that your creative side persisted until you acknowledged it. But I do want to know one thing. Why does the critic have a name (Gertrude) and your creative, supportive side doesn't. Is one stronger than the other? Or are you giving Gertrude more importance when in fact they are both pieces of you. Perhaps you are more familiar with listening to Gertrude that the other is often overlooked. The creative voice persisted until you heard it and is the one that won your attention this time. Interesting then how you named the piece "torn'. Because it's what it had to do to get through Gertrude to you. Don't doubt yourself. Your gift is evident my dear friend.

John said...

Wow Nacherluver, you have excelled yourself. How very inspirational on so many levels,not least of all because Gertrude wasn´t allowed to join in!

Well done.

rachel awes said...

isn't it great to
follow where your
energy leads?
trust the smitten!
(& love your torn!)

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