Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reverb - Name

Reverb prompt:
New Name - Let’s meet again, for the first time. If you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?   Wow. Never thought I'd see this subject matter in reverb. Interesting. I have issues with my name. I don't like being called by it. Call it an identity crisis if you will. I was always told by my grandmother that my name was going to be Gertrude (which is a lie). Mom said she wanted to name me Mary after my aunt and grandma (three Marys? perhaps too much). So the story goes, my parents couldn't agree on a name so my dad finally settled it by saying flat out, "her name is gonna be Lynn". Not that it had meaning or was special or pretty, just to settle an argument. Then he walked. My brother used to torture me with my name repeating it over and over and over and over in condescending tone. He was a bully growing up. Add all that to the dysfunctional mayhem that was my life growing up and I tend to have some identity issues. I don't identify well with my younger self. I don't identify at all with my name. I hate it actually. My own husband knows not to call me by name and never does. A few friends do. Not often. Sometimes it grinds at me and I can't hear what the person is saying because once they say my name I get tripped up and can't stop feeling frustrated with the sound long enough to hear what follows. Sort of like having your name called out over the intercom at a store. Stops you in your tracks and makes you feel uncomfortable.
Darling Husband and I sometimes play the name game. We'll talk about changing our name to Rockefeller and dream of extravagance. Or we'll pick a name that sounds uber ridiculous and make up all sorts of crazy back stories to go with. I have thought long and hard about other names. If I could change my name, what would I want to change it to. Funny thing? I never found one to fit. I actually kinda like being somewhat nameless and anonymous. I think that's partially why I fell in love with the internet.
Names are strange to me. I'm not great at remembering them and don't often use them to address someone. Feels like a label to me. I'm getting more and more used to my name. I can introduce myself by name if necessary. I am practicing writing it in case I were ever to become a famous author or artist (however I found that I like writing my initials better than my name). If you meet me and ask what I like to be called, I'll tell you "whatever. you can call me Lynn, chickie poo, hey you, I'll answer to whatever". I'm casual like that.   ;)
What name do I love best? I love being called Mommy!!!!
To answer the question, I guess I better not use any other name than my own. I'm still on the path to accepting it. Why mess that up?

On a side note, if you ever run into me, how about calling me Friend? Yeah. I like the sound of that.


John said...

Well friend, what an interesting post and it really intrigues me especially since it has been with you most of your life. Hmmmm!

Never the less, you are you whatever name you are called and a very wonderful, special person too!

nacherluver said...

Thanks for the wonderful compliment John! Another funny thing? Doesn't bother me so much to see my name in writing. More when I hear it spoken. Sooooo, if I see my name, I simply acknowledge that it is me rather than saying it aloud in my head. Ha ha ha ha! Can someone say something aloud in their head? Me thinks yes. ;)

Shannon said...

Thank you, FRIEND, for stopping by today. Don't you love opening gifts early? Have a wonderful celebration this weekend. Hmm...what name would I like to be called...? It's a nice affirmation that I really do like my own name. XO

G-Pride Farm said...

Oh I am laughing about this one, not at you about your name crisis. Try living with 8 people in your immediate family having the very same initials for years. Yep, my Dad, and all us kids shared the same LLB for years. The boys have to live with theirs, but my sister and I got to change the last letter of ours after marriage. Try this out for size, L.Laverne, Leonard L. Larry L. Lonnie L. Lyndell L. Laura L. Lola L. & Letty L. It was a crisis growing up, but as I discovered me over the years, I don't mind anymore.
So for you my friend, I think I will refer to you from time to time as Lucy, as your funny like Lucy, and you did say we could call you anything or was it whatever? Great insight you posted here. After following your blog for what a year now or more, you never opened up like this before. Interesting. I like to know peoples secrets, makes me feel more human that I am not alone in my thinking at times. lol

nacherluver said...

Wow! That's a whole lot of L's! Hee hee! And that's my first initial too (even if you call me Lucy). Yup. Gulp! Kinda let people in to my inner workings on this one I'm afraid. Thanks for giggling instead of running!

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