Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flip Me The Bird

I was thinking about energy yesterday.
It tends to be a subject of importance to me.

How it affects us and why.
I tend to be a positive person by nature
but am quite sensitive to the negative.

I let others affect me more than they should have the ability to do.
My libra nature does not tolerate injustice well.
Why so much ugliness in the world?
Why would people want to hurt other people?

I have considered wearing a mirror necklace
to bounce any negative energy I encounter back to its source
but worry that I would also be keeping the positive away.
Are mirrors selective?
Doubt it.
They don't seem to have a problem sharing
good and bad news with me when I catch a glimpse of my own reflection!

Why does a random negative comment
or random roadway flip of the bird
affect me as much as it does?

How do I let it go?

Then it came to me!
Like Magic!
Or God talk.
Or perhaps it was my own bloody brilliance!

The next time I encounter someone negative,
have pity.
Perhaps they are having a very, very bad day.
Perhaps they need a hug.
Perhaps they're just an asshole in desperate need of an attitude adjustment.

Regardless the reason,
it is their problem, not mine.
Rather than try to reflect the negativity back at them,
(sometimes I imagine carrying a mirror and flashing it in someone's face when they are raging or getting nasty. can you imagine if they had to look themselves face at that moment? perhaps it would soften them and cause them to see what negativity can do to a person. how ugly it looks. perhaps they would laugh at themselves turning the frown into a smile. perhaps, just perhaps it would make them stop and think. perhaps they would choose to walk around looking pretty instead.)
I will allow it to pass over me,
above my head, out into space where it belongs.
The energy will be acknowledged, then allowed to pass on.
I will say a little prayer that they find happiness
but I will not let them steal mine.
From this moment forward I choose

Today I took my own advice. 

Gertrude, my inner critic has been a real BITCH lately.
She is constantly flipping me the bird.
I tell her to scram, start living my life, and next thing you know
I have spent the entire day with her sitting on my shoulder whispering shitty little things to me.
Today, I bound her in duct tape, sat her on the chair
and made her watch me play.
Yes, PLAY!!!
When I started working I heard things like 'ugly, no good, fail, sucks, not going to happen'.
Once Gertrude was contained, I shared words with her like 'yes, can, allow, believe, imagine'.
This is what I created.
"Letting Go" encaustic
I'm quite in love with it!
So go ahead. Flip me the bird. I can take it.
Or better yet, share in the love!
May your day be full of love, peace and positivity. 


John said...

What a most positive post, well done.

Elena said...

I-LOVE-IT!!!! What a gorgeous piece! Love the colors and the layout and combination and and and. Great job sweets and way to go binding Gertrude. Great post! So hilarious to read it on a day where had I been close to a guy who sent me a nasty email would have left him with a punched nose. Tee hee. I like your reasons; they need an attitude adjustment.

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