Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wascally Wabbit

A garden saga.

This is my little garden.
I installed a fence due to critter chomping issues.

Went out to water this early morn when
lo and behold
a wee little bunny popped out of the fence.

This is what my blessed beans look like.
All chewed off.

 What's the matter picky bunny?
Snow peas not your thing?

 How about some blasted pepper plant,
you naughty little fella?

No sooner did I start watering when
in roll some thunder clouds.
Double Drat!
Murphy's Law plagues my life!

I stand.
How many more plants and seeds do I want to keep replacing?
This is not the first time I have had this happen.
Oh no.
Not at all.
Replenishing my barren plots is taking a toll on my wallet.
So much for gardening saving on food bills!

So I stand and contemplate.
What would keep the rabbits out?
Why did the fence not work?
Should I plant something different?
Should I abandon the garden altogether?

I turn around to walk back to the house.
Guess who was watching me as I stood contemplating?
You guessed it.
 That Wascally Wabbit.

She is in my daughter's fairy garden below the swingset.
Darling daughter is thrilled that there is a mama and baby living in her garden.
They bask and roll and rest (and obviously watch).
Baby had jumped away by the time I retrieved my camera
but it was quite the surprise to turn around and see two bunnies watching me
try to figure out how to keep them out!!!
Wonder what they were thinking?
Probably something on the lines of, "Silly lady! You can't keep us out!"

My newest ammo after some google research.

Off to the garden store I go.
I need me some plants and seeds!

(My backup plan is to strip my furry four legged friends of their fur to spread around the beds. Any other suggestions? Keep in mind we are a violence free household.)


Elena said...

LOL! Ok not laughing at you...but that was too funny. Your poor veggies and I know the frustration of seeing your fruits of labor hanging out of furry bunny lips. They were eating my marigolds and in a last ditch effort I sprinkled them with garlic salt from the kitchen. Figured it would either make them more appetizing or they'd stop. They stopped. But I think I read somewhere they don't like human hair or onions. So if you surround your beans with onions? They are cute though. Hee hee.

John said...

Great post, made me laugh. Rabbits are so hard to stop and frankly they look quite at home...........Well after all, Mama is always growing fresh veg for them (is that cruel as it is costing you...?:))

Courtney said...

We've had good luck with Liquid Fence- I think it's all natural and stinks to high heaven. Also, human hair is supposed to work pretty well- call a local salon and they'll save their hair for you and you can spread it around. Dang bunnies!!

laruelapalooza said...

So funny the way she is lounging so relaxed just watching you! I also heard that cayenne pepper works. It sticks to the leaves better. Not sure how your veggies would taste when you harvest them for yourself though!

beth said...

oh that bunny totally has your number and knows he's living amongst people from a violence free home....i think he said "na na na na boo boo" in one of those photos :)

G-Pride Farm said...

Oh shoot, I hope I am not too late with this hint. I use red pepper to keep animals out of my garden, along with Rabbit and Deer repellant sold at farm supply stores.
When using the pepper, it's smart to mix in with water in a watering can, dry, it tends to blow around and get into the eyes. It does not get into the plants and produce, but if watered into the soil, animals smell everywhere the walk/hop, and they don't like the smell so they walk/hop to another spot leaving your garden alone. Good luck, and you can use it when needed, it's natural and green friendly.

Jess said...

My green beans met a similar fate, except I think the robins and sparrows ate the leaves off. So frustrating!

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