Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gratitude Attitude - Day 4

(28 days to an attitude of gratitude - learn more here)

Today I am throwing it out there and saying it. I am grateful for my odd sense of humor and my strangely creative mind! :0)

Not everyone that knows me may appreciate these qualities in me. Many who know me may not be fully aware of this side of me as I have kept it somewhat sheltered. If I trust you, you get all of me. If I fear judgment or ridicule, I may keep some of it at bay. The older I get, the more I turn into a healthy, self-expressive, show us what you got kinda gal!


Humor - for some reason I think jokes about flatulence or excrement are hilarious. Yes, you heard me, I'm talking poop and farts. Strange but true. Another true fact? The jokes are funny. The actual act of either grosses me out completely. Not Funny!

Self-expression - I come up with mantras, quotes, little sayings and post them all over my house. Might be some epiphany I had or words of encouragement, even a goofy expression I come up with that makes me laugh. I write them on my shower walls, my bathroom mirror, sticky notes all over my computer or anywhere else in the house I have the hankering to adore. My latest mantra (made by me) is "positive action = positive abundance". The stanza to a song I came up with "happiness is so hard to find when you live your life through someone else's eyes". I don't know how to write music or songs, but I actually came up with the jingle to accompany it. No clue how to write it out!

You have to check out the websites of Keri Smith and Sark. I love them for their fearless acts of self-expression and their passion for helping others open up to their own creative side. My husband needs to spend time with these fine women as he is uber creative (building, carving, drawing, sculpting) but fearful of exposure. That's him below working on his second chainsaw carving. Wow! What a man!

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G-PrideFarm said...

He should sell those babies. he'd make quite alot of money for those types of sculptures. And doing name logs go for like 300 and up in this area. Boot his butt and put some for sale signs on some and hand him the money and say make sure you sign your artwork. lol Hope to see more of his work.

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