Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gratitude Attitude - Day 1

Today I am grateful my kitten is feeling better after a medical scare. I am also thankful for my wonderful husband and gorgeous kids as we are about to have a fun-filled, spooktacular Halloween together!

I read somewhere that it takes 28 days to make or break a habit. Numbers are not my strong point but this one always stuck with me. What a simple little number! It is so much easier to look towards a long term goal if you can break it into smaller increments. If it only takes a mere 28 days to make a good habit or break a bad one, why that's totally do-able.

I have been given a lot of thought lately to having an Attitude of Gratitude. If the "power of suggestion", "what we think we create" and "The Secret" are truthful theories, then adding a Gratitude Attitude to my life is a goal I wish to achieve.

Not only will it help me to be a more positive person but it will bring more positivity into the world. One person's act of gratitude has the ability to affect many others. The first hand effect would be for the person receiving the thanks to feel good. That person would then take that good feeling into their day and encounter others with positivity, thus causing a second hand effect. The more gratitude and good feeling thrown into the universe, the more the universe vibrates with positive energy. Send your gratitude out in the form of thought, action, words, art, whatever feels right to you.

Today I am starting my 28 days toward a new habit of holding a Gratitude Attitude. I would love for you to join me in posting your gratitude(s) for the day along with me!


nacherluver said...

Isn't my baby kitty cute? His name is Lennon. He has a big brother named Farley.

theempress78 said...

I am grateful you started this blog and reminded me of all the things I am grateful for! Thank you, Mama! :)

Life Potentials Network said...

lennon is indeed precious! I have an attitude of gratitude today for our cat, Wayne, who is a totally amazing cat filled with love and healing. Would love to see a photo of Farley too!

nacherluver said...

Thank you both for being here and having such wonderful and positive comments! I'm grateful that you have stopped by ;)

Chelle-Belle said...

Hey babe!!! Long time no see!!!!! I love this idea and your comments! Great idea! And plus, The Walrus? One of the best songs they wrote, very Taoist. I actually had that song stuck in my head b/c the movie Across The Universe. Bono does a pretty good version of it. I do miss the original with the "Pot, pot, pot, pot, everybody's smoking pot" in the middle of a musical riff. :-) Most people don't catch that. Plus, hey, My name's Pronounce "Meeshell"...I was a born Beatles Fan. lol.

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