Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gratitude Attitude - Day 6

(28 days to an attitude of gratitude - learn more here)

I am so very grateful for my wonderful neighbors. When the sun is shining there are children playing and parents chatting. When the snow buries the sidewalks two feet deep, it is community effort until everyone is out. We have shared rummage sales, borrowed eggs, had heartfelt talks, leaned on each other and laughed together. I have many wonderful neighbors surrounding me that make me feel safe and loved. To show my gratitude I try to be the best neighbor I can whether that be through acts of love with baking, helping with yard work or childcare, or simply telling them how glad I am they are my neighbor. Pictured above is my little princess presenting one of my beautiful neighbors with a gift of homemade coffee cake with fresh fruit. The picture slightly dated but I put it out there in hopes of loving thoughts and prayers sent her way. Her husband has been going through some very serious health issues and almost lost his battle last night. He is stable as of this moment but needs a lot of healing vibes sent out to him.

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Anonymous said...

Hello I'm going to try this again. I forget so quickly to be grateful. It's amazing how I've been getting more and more frustrated and yet your blog is lingering in my head. I am grateful for all I have today going on. But a few frustrating things that have took me to a few curse words is so not worth it. I took a brake and the whole time wonderful things going on today popped up in my head and I thank you. I have gone to week long retreats about gratitude and I have forgotten so quickly what I have learned. I love this friendly reminder, even if my attitude is with me and your brother right now. It's worth is to be uplifting and fun to be around. It's not fair for him if I'm crabbing about a few (well 4) computer mix ups, and it's not fair to me either. GA thank your a inspiration in this moment and I thank you. Love ya

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