Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gratitude Attitude - Day 15

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I was at the craft store today. As I was heading back to my vehicle, I passed a small sheet of notebook paper on the ground in the parking lot. So often I pass something that piques my curiosity and I continue on, wishing I would have picked it up, wondering of the story it contained, it's origins and how it ended up where it did.

Today was no different than any other. I was walking, I spotted the note and I passed it. It was apparent it had been there for some time as it was faded and well traveled upon. I continued on as I did not want to seem odd to others picking up some random piece of another shopper's litter.

Was it a shopping list? Perhaps a note declaring someone's undying love for another? I walked on bothered by the fact that instead of acting on my own spirit and curiosity, I was instead caving to the insecurities of worrying what others might think of me as I picked up the dirty note. Then again, it was litter and why should anyone ever let litter lay?

A conscious choice was made today to turn around, march back the 20 yards I had proceeded and pick up the note. It was so satisfying to go with my heart rather than my ego. I clutched the note and smiled all the way to the car.

As you can see by the scan above, the paper contained directions. Who's directions? Where was the person going? Where did they come from? What was the reason for their travels? Did they ever reach their destination without their carefully planned directions? Or were these directions simply an afterthought of a trip already taken just waiting to be discarded from the floor of the car by a foot rushing out the door?

I love objects that cause one to think and imagine. Would you like to take a stab at the story contained within the note? Leave it in the form of a comment. Turn it into a book. Write it in your journal. Ponder it over coffee.

I have spent time on a magical website in the past that caters to just this sort of find. Care to indulge in a little fun?

I am grateful for my bravery of battling ego today. I am grateful for imagination, curiosity and mystery.

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Life Potentials Network said...

Oh wonderful things to be grateful for! You have made me realize I should look for such things as I walk through parking lots etc. What fun! Thank you for the inspiration!

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