Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gratitude Attitude - Day 12

(28 days to an attitude of gratitude - learn more here)

The first major piece of furniture my husband and I invested a decent amount of money in was the dining room table. We both know the importance of eating at least one meal a day as a family. The quality of time spent sharing, discussing, and nourishing our bodies is irreplaceable in our book. We knew it was an investment in our family, not just as a piece of furniture.

How would we ever have guessed it was also an investment in entertainment. We have game night on the table, entertain family and friends over the table and enjoy the spontaneity and creativity of our children's imaginations at the table. The picture posted above was taken in the summer. My teen was making pancakes one weekend morning and the two little ones happily devoured them decked out in their pj's and swim goggles!

Last night over dinner, we discussed Purple People Eaters. We could not come to a solid conclusion on whether the People Eaters were Purple or if they were of a different color but ate Purple People! Ha! What a fun and silly conversation we found ourselves in without even realizing how silly it really was! I am grateful for my children, their creativity, spontaneity and imaginations. I am grateful they have opened up the magical world of make believe in our home.

Please feel free to share photos and/or stories of spontaneous family moments from your home.

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