Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gratitude Attitude - Day 10 & 11

(28 days to an attitude of gratitude - learn more here)
No time to blog yesterday but plenty of time was spent thinking of all that I am grateful for. I am especially grateful that my evening was spent going out to eat and watching a concert with some good friends. My wonderful, loving and supportive mother had given my man and I four tickets to Tran Siberian Orchestra for an early Christmas present. To steal the words from Borat's mouth, Wowie Wa Woo! (Okay, I cannot believe I just said that!) What a great gift and how desperately we needed a date night! That was my Day 10.

Day 11 (today) was spent rather lazily. I am very happy I have been working on my 28 days to an attitude of gratitude as it has been a pretty hard month or so. Making gratitude part of my daily inner and outer dialog has helped me get through the rough spots. I am grateful for this journal.

The following pictures were taken by me while I was driving. Don't worry folks! I was paying full attention to the road. My camera was in the passenger seat and the kiddos were in the back. I don't even remember where I was headed but I was feeling overwhelmed. My mind tends to get creative when I need a diversion from negativity. The lights of the cars in front of me were such a contrast to the evening sky settling in. I wondered what it would look like in a photo. I reached next to me, picked up the camera and shot without looking through the viewfinder (remember I was driving). I just held it up and shot. When I came home and downloaded the pictures I thought they looked pretty cool! They are also a good representation of how I have been feeling lately.

I am really working hard at allowing self expression into my life. Fear and self-judgment so often puts on the brakes. Even posting these photos is a step as it allows others into my quirky mind and the quirky things I do in life. But is it really quirky? Maybe it's just creativity. Here's a great little video on self-expression. Enjoy!

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