Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All over the map

Following a trail to a far off place.
Not sure where I'm going.
Know all too well where I've been.

I wander from the trail
exploring and discovering
all the world has to offer.

There is breathtaking scenery
and there is danger lurking.
I get lost.

I call for help.
Someone find me.
Guide me.

Perhaps a compass would help.
Or clear directions to where true north lies.
I have neither.

Instead I must look within.
Find my center.
A good starting point for sure.

I've been all over the map lately. My word of the year (focus) seems to be most challenging. Obviously the correct choice for me as I am proving over and over that I need to work harder at it. I'm feeling lately that it could be my word of the decade for how challenging it has been. I am Stretch-Arm-Strong in a daycare being pulled in too many directions at once.
I am currently facing some life altering challenges and decisions. Some I have the ability to influence the outcome, some I have absolutely no control over. For both types of situation the best bet is to find my center and move on from there. Focus and carry on. Challenging for sure. Think I'll go revisit my meditation post.


Elena said...

Oh love this post. It's how I feel exactly. But what an awesome photo!

John said...

So true, finding the centre, the balance is so important.

beth said...

i hope we can talk about this when we get together :)

G-Pride Farm said...

I hope deep down, your focus is focusing on living, enjoying what you have, keeping your dreams simple and loving life as God gave you so much beauty with words, may they keep coming out in type and you feel them in your heart and soul.

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