Friday, January 14, 2011


Do you know what this is?
I bet you don't!
I bet most of you have never seen one of these.

I hadn't either until I planted my first vegetable garden a few years ago.
I am in love with growing things but
not so in love with all the rules of gardening.
I tend to be a
kind of gardener.

I do what I can when I can.
Plant what I want where I want it.
If it grows, it grows.
If it fails, another lesson learned.

What you see pictured above
is the bloom from leaf lettuce allowed to go to seed.
Or should I say, ignored for too long!!!
Isn't it lovely???

I was so taken by the simple beauty of it.
The delicate stems and buds.
The gentle yellow bursting at the tips.
This little flower is less than a centimeter wide.
All that glory in such a tiny little package.

It brought such a smile to my face
that I harvested a bunch
brought it into the house
and put it in a lovely vase.

Simple Beauty
Discovered by letting go.
Living in the moment.
That is what I wish for all of you this weekend.
Let go.
Live in the moment.
Enjoy the simple beauty life has to offer.


Elena said...

What a beautiful photo. Reminds me of Focus. Clarity in the now. Bloom forth dear creative sis.

Lenetté said...

oh so lovely. i haven't seen those since i was a kid and my parents had a huge garden.

i wasn't blessed with a green thumb like they were. i let things go.

and now... i'm ok with that. :)


John said...

Nature in all it´s glory and in the moment too. Like it!

G-Pride Farm said...

I knew I knew, I had a whole row of them in my garden last summer. I left my lettuce to go to seed with the intent to harvest the seeds. The rains and winds come and I didn't get any seeds. Sad, but I did enjoy the yellow row of tiny flowered green while it lasted. Just before we chiseled the garden this fall, I had volunteer lettuce growing. You may not need to plant new yourself if you left the seeds drop. Pretty photo I might add.

J said...

It is beautiful! I've never let mine go to seed because I always plant everything too close together. By the time my lettuce bolts something else nearby needs more room so I rip it right out.

I'm glad you brought it inside! (and seriously, where do you live with such things growing now???)

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