Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Shout Out

It appears the majority of people drawn to blogging are women.
Perhaps that has to do with our gift of gab?
I am taken by so many of my fellow women bloggers.
Their beautiful words, amazing artistic talent, depth of sharing.
Big smoochy wet kisses to all the bloggy ladies out there! 

But what about the men?
 I want to raise awareness of
and give a shout out to
 a few of my favorite male bloggers out there.
Woot Woot!!!!

He is insightful and generous in word and spirit.
He shares stories, wisdom and wonderful art.
A true feel good space in cyber world.
He is a beautiful blogger and brilliant friend.


He is a self-taught extremely talented photoshop guru.
He shares tutorials, textures, photos.
His work is amazing and generosity never ending.
If you are even remotely interested in photoshop textures, it is a MUST visit.


He touches on important and heartfelt subjects such as self-esteem and homelesness.
He also has a knack for embracing the lighter side of life
and an insatiable appetite for M&M's.


I discovered him through is book:
Not only does he stand for and speak as a victim of job loss due to the struggling economy,
he also allows you into the thought process of the male ego.
The book is about his loss of long-term employment
and the journey he takes into the world of job seeking.
While speaking of struggles, fears, and hardship,
he is able to tell his tale in an entertaining voice
sure to keep the reader smirking.
The characters are quirky and real.
Truly entertaining.
I am unfamilar with his blog 
but discovered it highlighted in Reader's Digest.
You can find it at


Erin said...

ooooh! good idea! i maybe have 2 or 3 male bloggers who come by...not including my dad and brothers, LOL! thanks for giving me some new people to check out.

julochka said...

you're right, this little corner of the blogosphere is quite populated by women...i think there are more men if you frequent technology or political blogs. and there seems to be quite a few in the travel blog segment.

i'll have to go check these out.


p.s. thanks for the library discussion group idea you left on our new sustainable life blog! :-)

Caroline said...

Ohhh...let's here it for the boyz!!!!

nacherluver said...

you are too cute!

John said...

Why thank you Lynn for the mention and I´ll be most interested to have a peek at the other blogs mentioned, they look very interesting.

Lenetté said...

oooo... i love new blogs to check out! i read Single Dad Laughing but i haven't heard of the others. :)

i've got a couple more for you

Jacob at


Paul at

Jaime said...

What a great idea for a post....we need to celebrate the men! I have used some of Jerry's textures in the recent past...they are some of the best I have seen!

Biomouse said...

Yeah for celebrating the boys out there in blogger land!

beth said...

thanks for the manly men links....
i love men who blog !!!

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