Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trying to Focus

My mind wanders a thousand miles a minute. I grasp at a thought and hold on desperately. "Stay with me. Stay with me." I plead silently in my mind. Off it goes to gallivant with the other dreams, memories and tasks dancing and prancing and playing their little tricks on me.


That silly little word that decided to take up residency with me for the year. It is quite apparent why the choice was made to take him in. He knew I needed him and perhaps he was lonely without me. So we continue on building and bonding and learning to live with each other. 

Since I seem to have a major case of child-induced mommy ADD I'm never sure what I am supposed to focus on at any given time. My goal is to be able to focus on whatever task is at hand and move on to the next with the same sense of presence. So far it's been a struggle but I am definitely learning and growing.

Here's hoping your words are serving you well so far this year.

(messing around with mixed media encaustic collage)


Elena said...

Awesome! Love that the 'key' seems to be that which is the most in focus. As in _____ holds the key to uncovering that which is hidden. Great job...keep playing! You and Focus are doing a fine job dancing to the "Mookyper"

John said...

Sometimes it is good for the mind to wander but that should only be the prelude to focus. Like it, are you all keyed up:)

Caroline said...

I have a really hard time focusing too. Right now I should be folding laundry...yet here I am on my computer! Blogging is just so much more fun!

Erin said...

I love your collage--I wish I could do something like that!

p.s. can mommyhood induce ADD? I did not know this and am wondering if I, too, have fallen prey....I can rarely seem to focus!

G-Pride Farm said...

Sounds like your focusing to me. After all it's only the middle of Jan. You have months to practice.
What's it say about me looking at you picture, I was trying to focus on the word, couldn't read it with these old eyes, had to write out the letters I could make out to discover it is explore. I need to explore either how to enlarge a picture to see it better, or visit the eye doc. Eye doc is the better choice.

Lenetté said...

keep focusing :)

p.s. - mommy ADD is followed by perimenopause ADD.

julochka said...

i can tell you that i needed focus today. but it was a luxury problem, because it was because my mind is racing with so many ideas...i just had to let it race today and do other update sabin's computer...and hope that it's just part of the process and it will all settle down to a dull roar tomorrow. :-) maybe i need a focus mantra of my own.

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