Monday, January 24, 2011

Love is Everywhere

Love truly is everywhere.
Open your heart and it will find you.
I love finding hearts in nature.
Heart shaped stones,
hearts in trees,
leaves shaped as hearts.

This year
a theme has presented itself to me
over and over.
Driveway double hearts!
People backing up, then pulling out.
Leaves two pretty hearts behind.
I often wonder if the driver
upon arriving back home
notices the love they left behind.


John said...

Double hearts, how very observant and how onderful knowing you are surrounded by love. Being aware....... Inspired!

Elena said...

Really? They're left by cars?! Awesome! Feel the love dear one! Looks like you're pretty focused to me.

Caroline said...

Oh my goodness...that's awesome. I have never seen that before. What's even better is that you noticed it!!!

nacherluver said...

Isn't it something? I have seen it several times in several driveways! I end up giddy with each new discovery.
They make me happy!!!!

rachel awes said...

that's AMAZING.
i'm opening my arms wide now
for love to find me everywhere!

G-Pride Farm said...

Of course he knows the love he left behind. All he has to do is look around at the children you share, and into your eyes as he walks in the door.

Jaime said...

Wow! I would have never thought to look there! How beautifully observant you are!
LOVE this!

Lenetté said...

It truly is everywhere. :) It's one of my goals on a daily basis to bring more of it into the world and into awareness.

I really thing you're going to love Leo Buscaglia. :) In addition to his books check out YouTube for lots of his talks. :)

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