Friday, January 21, 2011


adj: sufficient
adv: sufficiently, fully, tolerably
pron: a sufficient quantity or amount

When is enough enough?
Why do we own more than enough yet still long for more?
Why don't we ever feel we are enough when we are so much?

The key lies within.
To conquer the insatiable thirst for more
we must realize we already "are" enough.
As is.
Come as you "are".
For you.

Think about it.
Just your mere existence.

The ability to draw in breath.
Inhale, exhale, inhale again.

You use your eyes to see.
To absorb the beauty around you.
To read and understand the words placed before you.
The words are processed and sink deep into your brain.

Can you feel the warmth of your house?
A blanket?
A loved one's arms?
Along with the feel of touch comes the feel of emotions.
Feeling a hug with both body and soul.

Your life is a gift.
Every day you wake.
Every celebration, every challenge.
Another moment gifted to you.
To learn, to love, to feel, to experience.

Don't wait for more 'stuff'
to feel enough.
Don't wait for acceptance from others
to feel enough.

As you are
You are enough.
Plain and simple.
(disclaimer: author has massive head cold. post produced through fog. hopefully comprehensible)


John said...

wow Lynn! What an inspiring post. I like it!

Courtney said...

I love you. This is wonderful. (But it doesn't need a disclaimer, lol! You are enough even when you're sick!!!!) :o) xoxoxo

roseisrose said...

wow, this is beautiful. eye opening. stunning. I loved it. LOVED it! you're amazing mama. you really are.

Elena said...

Oh so BEAUTIFUL! It's miraculous isn't it? Mind blowing actually. Thank you for the oh so important reminder.

Caroline said...

Such a great post. You are enough! Such a hard concept sometimes. Thanks for the reminder!

G-Pride Farm said...

Your digging deep in this snow. I love it. Keep digging, your inspiring.

julochka said...

i'm reading a book called "instruction to the cook: a zen master's lessons in living a life that matters." it seems like you've read it too. very zen. even if you do have a cold.


Jaime said...

*smiling big*
As I was saying earlier...this is soul food.
Thank you. xo

Lenetté said...

Beautiful! THANK YOU!

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