Wednesday, January 5, 2011

words, words, words, words


My word of the year.
Soooo hard!!!! It is already proving to be quite challenging (and more apparent that I need it).

My alternate word. (kudos to my creative support sister Elena for... well... supporting me in it)
The following word creatively conjured up as a joint venture.
Thanks go to Word verification, Elena, and Self.
Mookyper - n. or v.  or however else you want to use it (definition) 1. a state of being when one has embraced their inner freak  2. the feeling/action of twirling gleefully in mismatched flowing clothes and brilliant scarves with arms outstretched embracing life to the fullest. 3. Free spiritism. Also my new nickname from Elena. What to call her? Maybe I'll call her Lala (for love angel *wink*)

Last year #2 son created his word of the year.
Opaldeous - (definition) The best of the best.
He created the word and meaning, remembered it all year and embraced it. Bravo little man!!!


Hey, if Sarah Palin can make up words, why can't I???
I want to embrace all three of these words and use them regularly. Who knows. Maybe we can get them accepted into the dictionary of real words! Heck, what am I talking about. They're already real words!

I'm off to focus on my to-do list.
Have an opaldeous day.
May moments of mookyper wash over you as you go.


Caroline said...

Oh you just made my day! Mookyper...I love how that word sounds! I can just see you dancing around with scarves flowing behind you. Lovely. Hope your day is filled with much happiness and giggling. Giggle...I love that word!

G-Pride Farm said...

LOL This made me laugh. And as far as a dictionary goes, with all the texting now days, I think they will retire Websters real soon. Have you seen the spelling by many now days. (shaking head here) But the days of correct spelling are, I am afraid, over. So make up all the words and definitions you want, I like them and I will learn to use them too. Add more.....

John said...

Each word, however new are very powerful but together, well............. Good for you, laugh and smile as you create your life (am I starting to sound like Elena?) :)

The Shitzizle said...

totally love them :)

Lenetté aka The Shitzizle said...

Tried to email but it failed... so...

I absolutely love your blog. I can't recall how I stumbled upon it but I'm glad I did. I love your 40 by 40 list... I am inspired to make my own list since my 36th birthday is very fast approaching.

I so love the word mookyper. :D

Thanks for emailing me and commenting on my blog. :)


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