Tuesday, January 4, 2011

List list list list

Today's list prompted by Aimee over at Artsyville!

I'm so frustrated. Today I figured out I'm suffering from Creative Constipation.

Causes? doubt, inhibition, excuses, laziness, fear, restriction, inaction, time
Cures? action, action, action, action, sew, write, create, knit, take photos, play, draw

I have no schooling or training in anything creative, yet I love to create. But I don't create.
I'm a perfectionist and have trouble doing anything that I don't do perfect. I am far from perfect in anything so that is a limiting characteristic.
My favorite types of art are mixed media. The messier the better. So why don't I allow myself to play? I stopped playing as a child when I was very young. I exchanged play and creativity for anal retentiveness and control. I know. Boring, right? But they got me through. Funny thing? I now live with five extremely creative people who cut loose and make constant messes. What do I do? Stress about the mess and obsess on the disorder (I also adore and love all their creations).

From this day forward I vow to work on cutting loose and creating. It won't be perfect and probably never will be. I realize that now. The realization is freeing. Now I will create for fun. For the freeing feeling. I will try my best to let loose and see what becomes (although I will be cleaning up after myself).

(example of the self-talk that wanders through my brain. this particular train of thought happens to be that of increased self-awareness and exploration. problem solving. this is good. me no likey the bad.)


S.E.Minegar said...

i think you might have cured your CC! look you've acted!! first step.

now stay loose and keep creating!

*playing too

John said...

Very interesting post.

Is perfection in the end result/product or in the journey/process towards self improvement/illumination?

nacherluver said...

Actually, perfection or the desire for, should not be present at all. Not if I want to really live, eh?

aimee said...

SUPER list! i love it!

Caroline said...

Cut loose girl! Perfect is totally overrated! And hell, so is control. Go get messy and have fun!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh I wish I could help break the" levy "

Elena said...

Mookyper, I can totally relate to this. I'm a huge procrastinating perfectionist. But I think it's my head's way of keeping me from doing things. It can't be done wrong if I never start. Right? I can also spend all day on the planning-to create stage and never actually create. Those giveaways were a blessing in disguise. They gave me a reason to create. Yeah, I'm still at that stage where I won't create for the fun of it. And you read what happened when I tried being a perfectionist there, I ended up cutting my hair. And I'm living with it crooked just to teach me that the world doesn't end.

Karen Wallace said...

I think its all part of the creative process; up, down and then finally through. I work with a lot of children in art therapy and I watch how they create. They walk in,see what I have laid out, say yes or no, have a tea or hot chocolate, talk about their life and slowly pick up a paint brush or a crayon and create. We all need a way in, a reason or not to create. At this point in my life I think everything in part of the creative process.Hugs Karen

The Shitzizle said...

oh, man, i've had CC for years now... why?... long story. this is the year i either take more fiber or get an enema! :D

thanks for the pep-talk. i needed to read it. :D

painted fish studio said...

Now I will create for fun. and that's the whole point. xo

Jaime said...

Funny how we know what we need to do but we do the opposite, hey? Action can be so hard! But it's good to see that you have broken that wall and are back in creative mode! The messier the better!!.... even if you do lot's of cleaning afterwards. Good on you!

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