Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Here is a quick glimpse of our trip to Colorado.
Beautiful Wisconsin farmland.
Heading over the Mississippi
Miles and miles of Iowa windmills (yay wind power!!!!)
Balanced Rock in Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs, CO
Amazing house built on the side of a mountain. - Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs, CO

Heading up the Big Thompson toward Estes Park, CO

That's Mr. Elk to you! - Estes Park, CO
Nebraska sunrise heading home.

Nebraska truck stop (exit 312) had on display a piece of one of the World Trade Towers.

One of my favorite trip pictures. Me and my honey in The Garden of the Gods.

I have experienced so much this past week.
Through my experiences I have learned a lot.
Some of what I have taken home with me...

The world is a very large cup and I want to drink it up.

I am still truly, madly and deeply in love with my husband.

The best way to live is with eyes wide open.

There is much love in the world. Be open and receive it.

Children embrace life at a heart and soul level. Watch and learn.


John said...

What beautiful photographs. And we can nearly see you behind your hubby.........

Hope you are feeling better and that the trip was a success for Scott.

beth said...

i love your words here today....they are so heartfelt. and the photos....fantastic.

Robin said...

What beautiful photos!!! Especially like the one of the two of you!

Elena said...

Beautiful photos! You make me long for the West again. Love the shot of you and the hubs but mostly that you are still in love. Just awesome. I hope you are feeling better...

Glenn Stenson said...

Thanks for the National Geographic journey to states I've never visited.

Jan said...

Lovely heartfelt post. Thanks for sharing your journey a bit with us and for the great photo of you and your true love. The background is classic. Glad you are all right after your holiday scare.

april said...

You saw so much! And what beautiful pictures. Great memories.

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