Monday, October 17, 2011

My Words

Been pondering lately.

Playing with words.

Here are a few...

Acceptance allows us to move on.
Positivity allows us to live.
Love sets us free.

I would love to elaborate on my thought process at arriving at the above little ditty,
or tell you what it means for me but I am short on time this morning.
Perhaps you don't agree with the words.
Perhaps they are just what you need to hear.
Perhaps you see them as 'just' words with no meaning.
I release those words out into the world as they have been sitting with me for some time.
They have been working themselves into that order.
Working their way into my subconscience.
Now, as they sit feeling strong and wise (to me),
I release them and set them free.


Glenn Stenson said...

Three powerful words and statements that the world can use lots more of. Thank you for spreading them amongst us.

John said...

Great philosophy Nacherluver!

Laura said...

Love the photo too my dear

georgia b. said...

i love this minimal photo! beautiful.

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