Thursday, October 13, 2011

For The Dogs

Hubby, Darling Daughter and I were running errands the other night and the first place we stopped was the hardware store. As we were leaving the back of the parking lot we saw a vehicle parked near fencing full of dogs. Hubby drove around for a closer look. I insisted that if he drove us that close, it would be teasing if he didn't stop to see what was going on. We pulled over and met Debbie. She is a volunteer for Luv-a-Chin (a rescue organization for Japanese Chins). Debbie was heading from Minnesota to Florida to meet with some potential adoptees. She had pulled through our local coffee shop and stopped to let the dogs stretch, eat their dinner and do their business. She had gotten the dogs out and organized when her coffee was dumped over. She seemed a bit frazzled so we offered to run and buy her another. We came back with an unspilled version of her drink and spent some time getting to know her.
Debbie lives near the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota. She has grown children, grandchildren and is retired. She volunteers her time with the rescue because she adores the dogs and knows they need people who care. She fosters as well and claims that "once you've fostered them for a while, you almost hope they don't get adopted because you fall in love with them and would love to keep them all yourself." Of course she knows she can't keep them all and wants nothing more than to find good, loving homes for them.
The dogs she had with her had been rescued from a puppy mill. They had been spayed/neutered, treated for worms, ear mites, had their shots and exposed to that which most of us take for granted with our pets but these dogs had not experienced (grass, baths, love). A few of the dogs seemed a bit timid, but for the most part they were all happy little bundles of pup.
It started getting dark so we offered to help Debbie load her vehicle and she gladly accepted. I told her I had a blog and would love to write about her. She was more than happy to have the word spread. We packed her up and wished her a safe and successful trip. She thanked us for our help, we thanked her for helping the dogs. Her sidekick Hunter (German Shepard) hopped on board and they were off. 

This morning I raise my mug of coffee in thanks to Debbie and all the animal rescue workers who work tirelessly to help those who cannot help themselves. I'm also thankful for my husband who has the patience to put up with the fact that I tend to stop and talk to everyone who crosses my path even if it ends up taking all evening.

Japanese Chins



Animal rescues and shelters are constantly in need of volunteers, donations of supplies and/or funds, and forever homes for their residents. To find a rescue near you, check your local yellow pages or go to one of the following links...


Jennifer Richardson said...

bravo to Debbie
and all the strong, tender hearts
like hers:)

John said...

What a big heart she has. And of course so have you and your family stopping and helping. Definately both of you leading by example.

Glenn Stenson said...

Thanks for being a constant reminder of all the love that's in the world.

Jan said...

It takes a special person to be able to give themselves so fully to a cause like this. I fully support taking in rescue dogs and cats! I would have wanted to stop and see what the deal was too. Would have been sorely tempted to bring one of those doggies home but it would have been the Shepherd I'd have wanted, and he already had a good home.

painted fish studio said...

debbie is my hero! and so are you, for recognizing her efforts and her big heart, and for buying her a cup of coffee. if only we had more debbies!

Laura said...

My cousin's place was a place to stay over if needed a few years back for rescue runners such as Debbie. Thanks for sharing Kido..

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