Friday, October 28, 2011

Pink Elephant

Scary Fun

We have an annual costume party to attend Saturday evening.
Everyone has had their costumes planned for some time now...
...except for Hubby.
He's been pondering, plotting, brain storming for weeks.
Darling Daughter finally had enough.
"I'm going to make him a costume." she proclaimed.
An hour later I get called to the bedroom and see this...

Buah ha ha ha ha ha!!!! That girl is bloody brilliant I tell ya!

I thought it was fun, cute, creative and a tad scary (even).
Guess what? He's going with it.
We're decking him out in full-on pink.
Possibly my pink footie jammies with mask tucked in.
Yes, you heard me right.
I am the proud owner of pink footie jammies.

I love my family!


Glenn Stenson said...

I love you and your family too. Always good for a laugh and couple happy tears.

Jan said...

Ha ha! Great costume! Your husband, chainsaw carver by day, pink footed elephant by night, who'd a thunk it?

G-Pride Farm said...

I love it too. Stop by here for some treats while your out. :)

beth said...

you must show photos of the WHOLE outfit !!! and yes, your daughter is brilliant !

Elena said...

She is amazing! I don't know who I love more now; you, your daughter or your hubs for wearing her costume with pride. Ok I love you all!

John said...

Wonderful family story. Pink footie jammies...... :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

Holy, elephant!
Amazing girl, that.
Hope it was all smashing fun:)
Brilliant Halloween to you all,

Caroline said...

OMG...that is adorable! I hope you have a wonderful Halloween! xoxo

Susan - said...

So fun - she must get her clever artistic style from her mom. Have a wonderful Halloween :)

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