Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Mama Brain
I was hungry for lunch which reminded me I had to put the chili in the crock-pot for supper.
Headed to the basement to retrieve crock-pot.
Hit the bottom of the stairs and remembered I needed to change the load of laundry.
Opened laundry room door and realized hubby still didn't fix florescent plant lights as requested.
(keep plants alive locked away w/false light due to cat who eats plants & ends up deathly ill)
Checked out lights myself and couldn't find the fix.
Changed load of laundry.
Changed full laundry room garbage bag (tomorrow is garbage day).
Headed up stairs with laundry basket in one arm and garbage bag in other.
Hit top of stairs and remembered I originally went down there for the blasted crock-pot which was not under EITHER arm!!!!
Went back down to fetch crock-pot.
Answered phone call for hubby's business (yup. one of my hats is 'secretary').
Caller was heading over and requested I gather some flyers before he arrived.
Gathered flyers and business cards.
Proceeded to put chili ingredients into crock-pot.
Realized this whole train of thought started with the fact I was hungry for lunch.
Now that I was STARVING for lunch, I grabbed the closest thing at the front of the fridge as I knew I only had a moment before customers would arrive.
As I closed the fridge with containers in hand, I stepped on something squishy. My overworked mind thought, "Aaack!!! That better not be a mouse!" which is a silly thought since we've never had a mouse in the house.
Alas, it was only a half filled balloon left on the floor with umpteen other odds and ends from the kids.

This is how my mind works throughout the day. Spinning, swirling, twirling with all there is to do and think about with an active and creative family of six.

Funny thing. For all I forget or cannot focus on, there are those bizarre thoughts that never seem to leave! An example would be the thought... "we're out of Cream of Tartar". Time and time again I will go to the store remembering we're out of something and completely forget the more recent "I already purchased that last time." So this is what my cupboards tend to look like.

Three of this, three of that, half a dozen of another and none of what I need.
And what the heck have I ever used cream of tartar in anyway??????
Calgon!!!! Take me Awayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

That is just a fraction of minutes in a day. Compound that by the fact there are 24 hrs. in a day and factor in the time when four kids are home to boot. What do you have? A flip-floppin' mama brain!

Afterthought: Today's Dove (dark chocolate) - "Be Free, Be Happy, Be You" - Love Dove


Jess said...

Oh, I love this. LOVE this! So real. I can totally relate, except I wouldn't remember that I forgot the crock pot until a few hours later, when there wouldn't be enough time left to cook supper!

Robin said...

Oh man! I think we are Siamese twins, attached at the brain!! And I don't have a family of 6---only 3!!

Salem Witch Child said...

lol. Sending the calgon for you!

Elena said...

LOL! This is totally me but I have no excuses. One kid. One hubs. Two dogs. That's it. And I don't cook so that Cream of Tartar could be alien eggs for all I know. But you sure cracked me up! Tee hee!

John said...

I know the feeling nacherluver. I go into a cupboard for something,I go in and gaze blankly then come out again wondering why did I go in there.......Then I might remember and go back in again.

And I am like that when I do the shopping, it is as if your mind holds on to certain items and they are always at the top of the mental list, no matter how many of them you you actually have becuase that thought doesn't enter the mind!

S.E.Minegar said...

love this post! i can totally relate. look at all you got done on that single trip to get the crock pot! genius!

Glenn Stenson said...

How was the chili? Did you find time to eat supper? Busy mama brain.

Laura said...

totally can relate lady.

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