Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prayer Request

Hello my lovely bloggy friends.

I don't think I tend to delve too deep into my personal life in this space.

I question putting too much out there.

Today I take a leap of faith.

I am sending out a prayer request.

I go in for major surgery on Thursday.
I have been surprisingly calm and okay with it.
The last two days have put a hiccup in my calm.
New computer system at the docs messing up.
Information missing and mixed up.
 Making sure my health and heart are up to task due to recent mini-scare.
I believe it's all ironed out now.
I'm being my own hardcore advocate.
I trust and love my doc.

I hope it is not too forward to request any of the following...
good juju
positive energy
loving vibes
healing energy
more prayers

Any sent out will be captured, appreciated and utilized to their fullest.
Pinky promise.




Jeannine said...

sending best wishes to you.

Olivia said...

Sending healing thoughts and inner calm to you during your surgery. Tske care!

Robin said...

Sending you all the good juju, energy and prayers that you asked for and then some!!! I'm sure the whole tribe will be praying for you!! Looking forward to hearing that you are on the mend!
Much love, Ice Bear

Glenn Stenson said...

My pinky reaches for yours and you know my spirit will be there too. When you ask, you receive. Good for you for being brave enough to reach out for support. Big love, my special friend.

painted fish studio said...

wishing you the best and a speedy recovery! take care!

John said...

All on its way to you right now and ongoing always!

Jennifer RIchardson said...

sending a heartfull of love
and tender hugs
with prayer for healing happening
quickly and peace flooding every
nook and cranny of cell and soul.
And may recovery come gently
and may you feel the love
that lifts and leads you
through the process.
Fresh wings and ripe grace to you,

Jan said...

Sending healthful and healing vibes your way. I will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow and send calming energy. Good Luck my friend.

beth said...

how about we pray for each other.....i have surgery tomorrow too !

i'll be thinking of you and sending any extra good ju ju your way !!


rachel awes said...

sending a prayer
for complete healing
& peace/calm.

bridgette said...

sending you good, healing thoughts and prayers.

Shannon said...

thank you for sharing with us and giving us an opportunity to pray for you. thinking of you and sending you hugs and love. xoxoxoxo

Elena said...

Have been keeping you in silent prayer; envisioning you in health and peace. Be well sweetest friend.

georgia b. said...

i hope all went well. i did not see this in time to pray pre-surgery. but i can pray post-surgery... and i will.

G-Pride Farm said...

I pray everything went well with surgery and your on the road to a speedy recovery. Hope the hear good news soon. God Bless you, my Lucy Lynn.

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