Friday, January 6, 2012

Just Do It

No, this is not a motivational speech from the Nike© Ad Campaign. It's me sharing my inner dufus.

I was sitting in my room the other day trying to figure out what the heck my problem is (which was a little impossible as I clearly have more than one problem with each most likely holding multiple solutions) and why I can't stay focused or figure out what it is I am supposed to be focusing on in the first place. I have fibro which gives me fibro brain fog which doesn't help the clarification process in my foggy groggy mind. Beyond the fibro lies the fact that I am responsible 24/7 for the scheduling and well-being of 6 individuals (confusion anyone?). Top that off with my constant desire to figure out my "calling" (like successfully raising four kids and a husband to be sound, happy, highly functioning individuals isn't calling enough) in life. It all adds up to a mixed up feeling of discontent.

I want to feel successful at something. I want to make money. I want to have a life outside of motherhood and wifely duties.

I thought I would meditate on my little dilemma for a while. My most successful meditations occur during heavy duty laundry folding expeditions, so I gathered several baskets of clean, unfolded clothing and began to fold. The monotony of folding, the clean smell of the clothing, the sharp snap of the clothes as I... okay I'm getting off track here.

I set my mind to laundry folding auto-pilot and let my sub-conscience kick in. What would Ghandi do to solve my problems? What about Tolle or Chopra?

Question #1 - How do I become successful?
Sub-conscience Answer - Do - to be successful you must first get out of your head and into your body. Put your desires, your dreams into action. If you don't know exactly what you are to be doing? Do something. Anything. Action is the answer. Get the ball rolling. A body in action stays in action. Do

Question #2 - How do I know what my life calling is? What am I supposed to be doing with my life (aside from be the best damned mom money can't buy? Who am I supposed to be?
Subconscience Answer - Be - Be yourself. Be present. Exist as you are. Don't dwell on it. Don't question it. Don't think about it. Just BE. If you live as you are without the mental chatter and allow yourself to just Be you without judgment, pre-meditative action, planning, if you just exist as you are, you will know who you truly are. You will live from the heart and soul rather than the head. You will realize you already are as you are supposed to Be. And you will find happiness in that. Be you.

There were my answers. Two tiny little words. I repeated them in my head over and over to adhere them to memory.





Next thing you know, this is what it sounded like in my skull...

Do Be Do Be DooBeeDooBeeDoo

Egad! Even my sub-conscience is a dork! No wonder I can't focus. It's too amusing in here (points to cranium).

For shits and giggles I looked up a few Doo Bee Doo Bee's for you!


According to
doo bee doo

Sound made by bored people to fill silence.
Mostly in textual communication, but sometimes in verbal.

Originates from people whistling or singing a little tune when idle.
personone: Doo bee doo
persontwo: hum dee dum
personthree: lah dee dah


DooBeeDooBeeDoo a cross-cultural on-line music magazine




Robin said...

OMG!! Take away the fibro and 3 of the people and you have.....ME!!!! Going thru the same stuff, asking the same questions!!! I "get" question #1 and the "do" anything!!
Question #2 I find really tough!! I don't feel that just "being" will get me anywhere. So I go back to #1. DO something. ANYTHING!! Going around in circles and it feels like torture sometimes!! As for the do be do be do.....I immediately heard Frank Sinatra singing!!! Love the videos!! Hang in there Nacher. I truly belive we WILL figure it all time.

Jan said...

At least you have an excuse for feeling unfocused what with being pulled in so many directions between family and the fibro. I wonder if anyone ever feels like they are fully focused? I get that way on occasion when I am making art or just having a great walk. Good to keep striving for it.
My first DoBeeDo thought was from a Frank Sinatra song where he sings that. What song is it? it will come to me later, those are the only words I can think of from the song for now, ha ha.

Robin said...

Hey Jan, you can tell we're from the same generation, thinking Frank Sinatra!! LOL! I think the song is
"Strangers in the Night".
Shooby dooby dooo.....

Glenn Stenson said...

You worked my abs, breathing and smile muscles with this one! Back in the day, I used to smoke doobies and of course, there were the Doobie Brothers. Maybe you should focus on one thing at a time like the Muppet Do Do Do. Ma Na Ma Na

John said...

What a great post Nacherluver. It reminds me of the old Taoist saying "The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step."

april said...

I love that song by Neil Sedaka - that's my era! haha The first thing that came to my mind though, was something from when my kids were little. There was actually a "Do Bee" (a big bumblebee puppet) and I can't remember what program that was on. I will have to pick their brains.

Jennifer Richardson said...

thanks so much for the
glorious giggles.
do be do be doo love,

Caroline said...

I love your full of wisdom and funny too! dobedobedo...scoobydoobiedo! Have a great weekend my dear!

Eydie said...


I just saw you comment to Beth’s question, "in 2012, i'm going to a WHOLE lot more.” and it gave me such a chuckle that I just had to come over and visit.

I totally related to this post. With the exception of having 1 child instead of 4. I also have fibro (very rarely talk about it, was diagnosed back in my 20, which was a really long time ago, and have always taken a holistic approach). So many days, I find myself walking around in that haze, it’s as if I could have full blown ADD. Yet, it appears to be invisible to so many people around me. You have actually inspired to write about Fibro fog (in a somewhat humorous way) on my blog. I loved your version of "Do Be Do Be DooBeeDooBeeDoo” and everything else you hit upon in this posting. I also love that you referred to Tolle and Chopra (2 of my favs). Well, we may have a lot in common. I am going to head on over to some of your previous postings. I have a feel we may have a lot in common. So glad I found you. See you again soon.

Elena said...

Ok yeah this fits perfectly into Week 1 of WITW. LOVE this post. Yes it is about Do and Be. And why am I the only one who thought of Scooby puckering his lips and saying Scooby-do-be-do. Yeah I've never grown up. LOVE the videos and LOVE that cranium of yours Sweets.

Jaime said...

lol..your inner dufus is adorable.

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