Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have To Play

Some people have studios.
I have a dungeon.
I've been playing in my dungeon!
note to self: dungeons are not the best place for photo shots 

Something has shifted in me this year.
Perhaps it's my word for 2012.
It has allowed me more freedom to be.

Faith. Play.
Two words highly recommended by yours truly.


Courtney said...

I read every post and love everything you create!!!

Karen Wallace said...

Love the second one. Beautiful work. Hugs Karen

april said...

I know I already commented on AW, but..... love the "flight of the bird"!

Jennifer Richardson said...

faith and play peas and carrots:)

rachel awes said...

i am crazy about these pieces!
way to rise out of the deeps! xox

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