Thursday, January 12, 2012


My apologies in advance for the ten tons of snow.
I woke this morning and looked outside.
It was pitch dark and as still as the pages of a bible in an atheist's bookshelf.

But it's coming.
Oh boy is it coming.
I owe an apology to everyone living even remotely close to me.

Darling daughter made me do it.
She read it in a book (children's) so you know it has to be true.
She forced me into a snow dance.

The book said, if the weatherman predicts snow,
in order to guarantee a good amount, before bed you must...
put your pajamas on backward and inside out
put a spoon under your pillow
tape a penny to your bedroom door
get up on the bed and do the craziest dance you can imagine.

You should have seen us!
It was partay time at our house!!!
I got so wrapped up in the fun, I forgot the point.
Snow? Oh nooooooo!
We shouldn't have danced so hard!

But we did.
I apologize in advance for the snow.


Robin said...

Apparently your dance worked, even in Chicago. It just started coming down this very minute!! Love the image of you guys dancing on the bed......wish I'd been there!!! You have so much fun at your house! Makes me wish for a "little one" again!!!

beth said...

i think some homemade cupcakes would be a better apology....just saying :)

John said...

What a wonderful fun filled story!

Courtney said...

Love this!! (like every other post- but don't respond too much because I'm typing with 1 hand these days....the other hand is always busy holding the baby!)

G-Pride Farm said...

Where do I send Mom of the Year entries? I want to nominate you.

Jess said...

I smiled so big visualizing this, and how happy your daughter must have been to have joining in the fun!

So, did it snow much? ;)

Jennifer Richardson said...

I have been doing it absolutely
for all these years.
This explains everything.
hope you had your sled ready,

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