Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beautiful You

You know how you wake up every morning,
go out into the world and share your sunshine?
How you throw compliments that make others blush with pride?
How you lend a hand when you see someone in need?
How you build the confidence of your children with love and praise?
How you see the beauty in everyone you meet?
How you appreciate the gift of friendship and let your friends feel your appreciation?
How you love and accept every flaw in Mother Nature not as a flaw but as perfectly imperfect?

Will you do me a favor this morning?
Before you head out the door,
will you look in the mirror
and start there?

Throw yourself compliments and watch yourself blush.
Do you see need in your eyes? Fill that need.
Give yourself the love and praise you deserve and the confidence will follow.
Look at the beauty that is looking back at you.
Appreciate yourself as the best friend you could have.
Love and accept every perfect imperfection you were blessed with.

Start with beautiful you.


John said...

Absolutely true and wonderful advice. I hope you blushed this morning? :)

Eydie said...

Thank you
for the
Beautiful reminders ...
Sending you hugs,
From Beautiful me
to Beautiful YOU!

beth said...

thank you for this.....i hope you do the same :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

wow. powerful!
much thanks for this beautiful

Jaime said...

Oh, what a beautiful post.

You are right... we so freely accept Mother Nature with all her beautiful imperfections (are they really imperfections?) , so why not ourselves?
We are nature...one in the same.

Glenn Stenson said...

Someday soon I want to be physically in the presence of your beautiful spirit.

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