Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year!!!!!

Are you a resolution person?
Do you pick a word for the year?
Do you say, "Not for me." and start your new year
where you left off the old one?

I used to make New Year Resolutions.
They lasted a week (tops).
Perhaps I aimed too high.
Perhaps I didn't take them seriously enough.
Perhaps I made them for all the wrong reason.

A few years ago I discovered the "word of the year" in blogland.
A word for the year.
A chosen word to work with for the year.
To represent the year.
To learn from and grow with over the year.

Two years ago I chose 'positivity'.
Perhaps it chose me.
It was a hard year but with my chosen word,
I was able to find and focus on the positive.
Positivity was a good choice but it did not feel deep or close to me.

Last year I chose the word 'focus' for the simple fact that I lacked any and all.
I figured I would choose it as I needed it desperately.
What did I learn from 'fucus'?
1. boy do I need it!
2. the word works better if it chooses you
 3. in order to focus, you must first know what you're focusing on
4. it's hard to focus with chronic pain
5. with a hubby and four kids, it's nearly impossible to focus!

(By year's end, I had completely forgotten my word, and it was 'focus'. Go figure.)

With 2012 quickly approaching, I started toying with a list of words.
I tried each on for size. Played with them, spoke them, wrote them.
Nothing seemed right so I gave up.
That's when the word of 2012 whispered in my ear.

My word for 2012 is


... to be continued.

Do you have a word of the year? A resolution? Please tell!


Laura said...

Enjoyed you full circle of sorts on the word of the year...and Love your word for this year, Faith...

John said...

Faith, great word with great meaning. I think it has found you as in the Great Spirit has faith in you Nacherluver!

Glenn Stenson said...

I believe in you. Positively focus on faith.

roseisrose said...

great post dearest ♥

Biomouse said...

I love the alteration of last year's word to fucus (makes me think of a terrible, but good movie I love Mallrats) and especially that you forgot by the end :) I have faith that this year's will be a better fit-my word is imagine. Wishing you well this year!

Jamie Burch said...

Thanks for sharing your story! Glad such a wonderful word found you this year. Happy 2012! :)

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