Thursday, January 5, 2012

Inspiration and a Giggle


I vowed against New Year's Resolutions years ago,
instead choosing a word of the year for the past three years.
This year has changed me (already).

I wrote my word for the year on the bathroom mirror as a reminder.

I woke the next morning to this...
My darling eight year old daughter chose a resolution for the year and placed it next to my word.

How can I not adopt it as well?
Children are such wonderful teachers.

Word of the year...

Play By The Heart 


This past December I attended my daughter's school Christmas concert. I stood in the back as the room was full. The kids were so much fun to watch. They oozed holiday cheer as if they had practiced with elves and sipped Christmas Kool-aid. Me? I knew their secret. He was standing to my left! Shhhhh...
Santa... er... Mr. School Janitor


Shannon said...

kids are just the most amazing little creatures! i LOVE this!! thanks for sharing your your wonderful comments on my blog. happy wonderful new year to you!

John said...

What an uplifting post, you must be so proud of your "little" girl! Didn´t Santa look so relaxed for a man who was about to be so busy!

Karen Wallace said...

Love her words and yours. Have a wonderful 2012! Hugs Karen

Glenn Stenson said...

All the obsolete children (adults) were oblivious to Santa because they lost faith and stopped playing by the heart.

Elena said...

Even Santa knows the importance of taking a moment. And does that kid of yours rock or what?! I love her soul, her creativity, she's always pulling out this happiness. Thanks for sharing...great resolution.

Jennifer Richardson said...

love both of these words for the year!
"play by the heart"....brilliant!
cheers to you both,

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