Monday, January 9, 2012

Negative to Positive

I am mega frustrated today.
Like MEGA!
Like speechlessly so.
Me. Speechless.
 I know, right?
(yup. I'm down with the teen lingo)

My anger today is aimed at creativity killers. Art Assassins, if you will.  Instead of dumping my anger (which is all I seem to have to offer at the moment), I will share some art inspiration. I will turn the negative into a positive. Go ARt!!!!

Did you know Jim Carrey (the comedian/actor) is an artist?
Totally! Check the LINK.

This looks like a BlaST!!!!!

A blog chok full of art from various artists
using various art forms and mediums.
Learn, explore, get inspired.

Found this awesome table at Pottery Barn. Been looking for something like this for the kid's art table (to replace the card table currently residing in my back living room). As the Wicked Witch of the west would say, some day "I'll get you my pretty!!!"


Roxanne said...

Oh I love that table. I might have to add it to my wishlist. ;)

Jaime said...

Catapulting paint would be SO MUCH FUN!! lol!

I had no idea Jim Carrey was an artist...learned something new today... huh.

And that table...oh, that table. I wish I had room for that! I love that shelving!

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