Friday, August 26, 2011

Busy Days


Finally had the guts to walk out here...

Went hiking by a waterfall
You'll have to scroll down the link to see the waterfall.
I burned out my batteries at our first stop.

Long drive.
Body retaliating.
Exhausted family.
Good times.


Second born turns teenage!
Happy celebration day!

Received phone call from friend.
She was in a bad accident.
Young guy on drugs t-boned her.
She has a shattered pelvis.
Waiting for surgery.
Plates, screws, pain.
I'm worried about her.

Grocery Shopped.
Got in a fender bender.
Both of us backing out.
Both of us in blind spots.
Both our fault.
Decided we would deal with our own cars on our own.
No cops. No insurance.
Left each other with a hug.
No lie.

Off to the amusement park.
Praying for safe travels.

Life is strange.

Wishing all of you a happy and safe weekend
full of the good stuff.


John said...

Sounds like a wonderful place you visited. Happy birthday to No 2 child. If you wish, please send me your friend´s name so that I can send her healing. Glad the fender bender sorted itself out!

Hope you are clear of the weather.

julochka said...

oh dear, here's hoping your weekend is positive!

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