Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guerilla Art-a-flopagus

I finished my final assignment for the class

Buah ha ha ha!!!

What a flop!
Well, not a total flop.

I met a friend!!!
Like as in... met for the first time ever.
We've been chatting through e-mail.
I found her art at a local gallery.
The owner said she was painfully shy.
Naughty me snooped around the internet.
Found her e-mail address.
Approached her via e-mail.
Told her I am also a self-taught creator and lover of encaustic art.
Explained that I understand her discomfort with meeting new people
but thought perhaps we could be e-mail buddies.
We could learn from each other.
She agreed.
We chat often. Sometimes daily.

For my final assignment in the Experimental Art e-course
I was assigned come up with a guerilla art project.
I decided my theme would be 
Random Acts of Loving Kindness.

I chose some pictures I had taken.
Played with them in photoshop elements.
Added positive affirmations and a little note in the corner
(a gift for you - a gentle reminder).
Due to my physical struggles this past week they were not perfect.
I did what I could. I decided that was enough.
I would send them into the world as is.
The printing cut off a letter, cropped a picture too tight.
Some of the font is too small.
It's the thought that counts, right?

So I asked my e-mail buddy to meet with me.
No uncomfortable-sit-across-the-table-and-stare-at-a-stranger meeting.
An artsy meet-up with a project to keep us busy.
We would be placing my photo cards in a public place.
Little gifts for others to find.
Pretty pictures and positive sayings to brighten their day.
Perhaps they would find the right owner.
Someone who would take it home.
Someone who needed the message.

We decided on the library.
It was uber busy.
I spread the picture cards around.
One on the steps.
One on the bench. 
A book shelf here.
A movie shelf there.
By the computers.
On and on.
We parked our fannies, chatted, and watched.

Most people walked right by.
Some people looked.
A few picked them up but set them back down.
Afraid to take them?
Not understanding they were a gift?

along came....
'dum dum dum'

She spotted the cards, walked around picking them up
and proceeded to deposit them in the waste basket!!!!!
Seems she did not find our idea cute in the least.
Litter. Solicitation.

She totally crapped on my random act of kindness.
What a jab. Ouch!
Thank goodness my new friend was with.
We decided to laugh instead of cry.   :)
I picked them out of the garbage.
An afternoon in the library and not a single card adopted.

We left.
We went to a cemetery to take pictures of old headstones.
My camera died after a couple shots.
Luck was not on my side.
Time to call it a day.

I dropped my new friend off at her car.
Thanked her for her help and for a fun afternoon.
I headed off to run some errands and left the pictures in random places as I went, this time with no worries as to whether they would be found or thrown or simply blown away.
After all, it's the thought that counts.

That reminds me.
My surprise for today.
I wanted to send two sets of my 
"Random Act of Loving Kindess"
cards out into the world via my blog.
They're not perfect
they're filled with
Loving Kindess!
Possible uses
send via mail anonymously
give to those you love
give to total strangers
stick in library books
stick in random places around town
keep them for yourself.

If interested in receiving a set let me know in a comment.
If there are more than two people I will draw names by Friday.

p.s. Thanks to all my loving friends who sent well wishes this past week. My pain is receding, mind clearing and I am on the upswing. Hugs back atcha!


Elena said...

Oh so much here! First Miss you mislabeled your post. I didn't see you flop at all. The funny thing is that although the crazy uptight librarian couldn't "see" the gift, the true gift you were giving to the world was in the act beside you. You reached out to someone shy and reserved and showed her that the world can be a fun place and that a perceived failure is not earth shattering. You reach into the trash, pull it out and try again. Simple as that. And I think you rock for that. The cemetery shot is absolutely fantastic. Would you mind sending me a copy of that shot? I'd like to draw it if its ok. So see, I've been searching for cemeteries with stones like this and my luck, you found it. Yes, put me in for the cards. I think they're beautiful. You could always go back to that library and stick them inside some books. Guerrilla re-attack. You are so amazing. And if your new friend wants to extend her circle of friends, give her my email. Or maybe I'll scare her. Nevermind. teehee

nacherluver said...

Thanks for the moral support Elena! I've sent you a copy of the headstone. Draw away my dear! Glad it inspired you.

John said...

Firstly Nacherluver, I am glad you are feeling better. What a great story and your cards look fantastic. I will never look at Librarians the same way again...............

beth said...

damn librarian....they are such party poopers !

and i'm SO SO SO happy you're on the upswing !!

Jaime said...

Awe...despite the librarian, your heart was in the right place. It's too bad people can't recognize love when they see it.

I used to paint messages on rocks and put them in random places for people to find, but haven't done so in such a long time....maybe I should do it again. We all need a little love. Especially that librarian!

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