Monday, August 15, 2011

A piece of fiction

childhood calling

Living in the deepest darkest room of her mind kept the world from intruding. It was safe and it was the chosen spot. Magical thoughts permeated the walls of the room originating from her imagination bringing a kaleidoscope of color which she played with and danced in. Rocking... rocking... back and forth brought comfort and kept the light at bay. Light was the enemy. Sarah did not dare face the light for that's where the voices were. The voices she once loved.

There was a time, a vague memory when the voices felt good. Inviting. Happy. She remembers happiness. Barely.

Then came the darkness. It enveloped her. There was bad. The darkness hid the bad. It hid the good as well but she was willing to sacrifice the good to cover up the evil lurking.

After the darkness, the occasional voice permeated the walls of her room. They had changed.

"Come back to us Sarah. We love you." said the voice who called itself mother.

"What's wrong with her? Why does she act so strange?" said the voice of brother.

Sarah knew that the voices lurked. She felt them trying to penetrate the walls of safety.
But the darkness moved over her like a cloak and she dove deep inside. Deep, deep in her mind where she had control. She found a safe place to rest. The room so deep and dark. Refuge. She has lived there a very long time now. Pulling magic and imagination in. Her own little world safe from the outside. It was lonely at times. It was then that she would turn to face a corner and begin to rock. Movement. Constant. Rocking, rocking, gently swaying. Reliable, secure, safe rocking.

Until one day. A noise. It was a most peculiar noise. Sarah would normally block all noise. The least little bit to make it to her dark place was rejected and expelled back to the life she no longer embraced. This noise was different. It was soft, gentle, angelic in nature. Almost as if it were singing to her soul. She had to strain to hear. She wanted more.

Leaving the dark room she slowly, suspiciously worked her conscious mind back through the path that led to her safe spot. It had been a long time. She wasn't sure if she would find her way. But that noise. That lovely noise.

"Follow the noise" she told herself. "It will lead you back. You must find what is making that beautiful sound. Capture it and bring it back."

She moved her body across the room to the open window. She turned her face toward the light for the first time in years. Glancing through her eyes at the world around her ever so briefly, the first sight she caught was the glistening of the dew on the morning lawn. The water shimmered so close to the beauty from her imaginary world she almost felt safe. Once again she forced herself to see. She looked up. That's when she saw...

I am leaving this piece of writing open for your interpretation. I'm not sure where it came from or why. It seems to be a combination of a memoir I am reading combined with recent happenings in my life all crashing together to form this fictional tidbit. 
The photo does not necessarily represent the story. I took it at the park last evening and fell in love with it. I'm calling it "Childhood Calling". It is unedited, though I may play with it at a later date.


John said...

Wow,no need to say any more................

rachel awes said...

gorgeous writing!
& i'm so intrigued!!!..

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