Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Special Project

Darling Daughter has been wanting a secret room.
She's been scouring the house for possibilities.
We set up temporary camp in biggest brother's closet
(under the stairs)
but biggest brother was not amused.

Yesterday we went to the fabric store and bought this.
We are going to attempt to make this.

I own a sewing machine but don't know much about sewing.
This gorgeous play tent looks simple enough for the beginner.
What are your creative juices up to today?


John said...

Sounds like a great Mom and Daughter project.

Salem Witch Child said...

What a lovely project. Sierra loves tents too. When she was 3-6 she lived in a tent most of her play hours. lol. Which meant I always had a kids tent in my living room. But all that matters is she was having fun right!

Nothing creative going on here yet. Still thinking about it though!

Olivia said...

This looks like fun! You must post the finished tent when you are all done... I'd love to see it!

beth said...

you can totally do this...but the pattern would drive me nuts. i sew free hand on my machine all the time and i would just cut and sew until wha-la.....a tent :)

Jess said...

Oh. Oh! What a beautiful and fun project. I have my Grandmother's sewing machine (she was a fantastically talented seamstress), and I'm scared of it. This sounds easy enough to be doable, and impressive enough to say "I DID IT!".

Jaime said...

What a lucky girl! How adorable is this? Did it work out? Did she love her beautiful tent? I'm loving the colours you chose.

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