Monday, August 8, 2011

Guerilla Art Assignment

Remember the online course I'm taking?
Experimental art e-course

Did I tell you I won the spot in the class? Yup. Over at Free Spirit Knits
Check out Shannon's blog.
She's talented, sweet, and full of positive energy.
She teaches a class that is starting soon called Inside Out.

Taking the Experimental Art e-course has been good.
Very, very good.
It has caused me to experiment,
play, broaden my horizon.
It has forced me to post art I would never have posted.
Forced me out of my comfort zone in many ways.

The class has come to a close.
The last and biggest assignment has been posted
and I am IN LOVE with it!!!!

Guerilla Art

I'd tell you more about what I have chosen to do
but when I think about it
I feel as if I'll explode!
To save you that sight,
I will wait to share
until the task is complete.

For now, here's a sneak peek...


John said...

Such excitement, it must have been so good! Great work and I look forward to the rest of the story with great anticipation!

Elena said...

Your post 'bubbleth-over'. Don't ask I don't know...brain still sleeping. But yep John is sound excited. And why the tease? Now I need to know what's going on! I'm super-nosy now. But it sure does look exciting!

Shannon said...

Oooooh.... you are so making me want to take that course again, too. Amelia is awesome, isn't she? Such inspiration...and I LOVE your piece. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your kind words. So happy you won the spot. (And I always SO appreciate when you stop by my blog. Thanks so much.) xo

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