Friday, August 19, 2011

Living With An Open Mind

  This past week has been crazy busy.
This morning was calm and wonderful!
I spent the early hours enjoying a special phone conversation
with an amazing blog friend
who lives an ocean away.
After breakfast with the kids
I drove to a lovely little coffee shop
and spent hours chatting with a friend
whom I have not seen in some time.

  What does my morning have to do with the post title
'living with an open mind'?

Let me re-tell my story.
My morning phone call was a gift of a long distance tarot reading.
My coffee was consumed at a Christian coffee house
with an athiest friend
conversing about
and life in general.

It was an absolutely lovely morning
spent with good friends,
good food, and lovely surroundings.
I would not have been able to experience all that goodness
if not for living with an open mind.

Is your mind open to all the wonderment
and possibilities in the world?
If not, what are you waiting for?
Open up Baby!
The world is waiting!

p.s. If you seek healing in your life, if you would like a tarot reading done, if you desire to read uplifting stories, please visit John at his blog
or his website

Both sites offer a plethora of information.
If you would like information on rates
and/or to seek further guidance
please contact John at

John also sells
while his partner Helen sells clever

Can't you just feel the love?


Happy Weekending!!!!


John said...

An open mind.............If only the world was like that. It reminds me of that old expression "The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open!"

Glad you had such a great day and I think you´ll find I am the one with the amazing blogger friend....

Thank you so much for the mention.

And yesterday morning the pleasure was all mine, not that I am greedy or anything.....:)

beth said...

i try to open my mind a little bit more everyday. sometimes it's hard if you're around closed mind people though....maybe it's time to do some weeding...if you know what i mean.....xo

G-Pride Farm said...

Open minds are hard to find. Glad you found you have that talent. It took years, but I found it too. So happy you got your reading and you can let it flow thru you. I feel your contentment while reading your words.

Elena said...

Oh awesome-ness!! So glad you won the reading! Isn't John just oh-so-cool. I'm thrilled you live with an open mind cuz it just reinforces there's nothing wrong w/ me. Teehee!

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