Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What if...

What if you woke every morning with the spirit of a child?
Every speck of nature a mystery.
Every color of the rainbow sheer joy.
Every person you met your new best friend.

What if you woke every morning with a fresh new outlook?
Every possibility waiting for you.
Every capability owned by you.
Every moment new and valuable.

What if you lived today like it was your last?
Every loved one embraced.
Every moment cherished.
Every experience fully appreciated.

What if you lived your life outloud?
Every action intentional.
Every dream reached for.
Every bit of yourself accepted by yourself.

What if you loved yourself unconditionally?
Every flaw erased and viewed as uniqueness.
Every inch of your skin viewed as the perfect gift of creation.
Every fiber of your being filled with love from the inside radiating out.

What if you saw the magic in life?
Every fairytale a possibility.
Every wish, hope and dream believed.
Every day a gift of spirit.

Well? What are you waiting for!
It's up to you!
Start your day with "What if...?"
Choose to answer with "YES! I can!"

Embrace the possibilities.
Believe in yourself.
Live life to the fullest.
Every morning we wake with the gift of a new day.
Spend it wisely.


John said...

What a beautiful piece pf inspired writing, AMEN!

G-Pride Farm said...

Lucylynn, you have some powerful thoughts here. I just love it. I will add the Yes, I can! to my daily life, and will let you know how it turns out in my blog from time to time, stay tuned. :)

Elena said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this! I have to get back to reading your blog daily...almost missed some powerful stuff.

Jaime said...

Did you see America's Funniest Home Videos this week by any chance? I was reminded of it when I read your third line about rainbows. There was a video of a little girl looking out her window at a big rainbow...she was on the phone, leaving a message for the person who's house was right under the rainbow...she was telling them about the rainbow and what colours she could see, and she was telling them to hurry up and go outside because for sure, the treasure was in their yard! THAT made me want to be a child again...the belief in magical things.

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