Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sharing Random

My mind has been a mess of random thoughts lately.
Rather than fight it and try to pull together a centered post,
I thought I would share some random with you.

A wonderful NEW WEBSITE for those in need of healing
or those who wish to become healers.

I recently shared an original quote of mine
and now I will share a quote from my husband.
It is food for thought.
"Do not judge God by the religions of man."  ~ Scott Retzlaff

Pencils! I love new pencils!!!

They're even better when made from recycled items.
The green are old money, the blue are jeans!!!


Finally, something to leave you smiling...
Laughing Babies!!!!


John said...

I´m still laughing after watching the baby with the paper, Scott´s quote is so accurate and true.

Thank you for the mention too.

Caroline said...

I love those babies! I checked out that website...never heard of sunchi before. Sounds kind of cool.

Jaime said...

There is no better sound than babies laughing...I have tears in my eyes from watching that first one...who knew that ripping paper could be so funny? lol.

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